Welcome to Pack of Rising Souls! We are a wolf pack. Here are some things about us!

Introduction Edit

Your walking along the lands of the forest your snout low because you sented a wolfpack near. Your head jolts upwards before your attacked. The male wolf ( Beta ) Snarls, " Why are you on our territory you worthless mutt! Echo Will have great things to speak with you!" He grabs your scruffy as you let out a wimper. As you enter the camp other wolfs are barking, ' A mutt! Echo will not be pleased. Well Maybe a new pack member anyway..."Echo walked out of her den barking her reply, " Silence!,___ Who is this. Dog." Dog! Im no dog. Im Purebreed wolf! And __ is beta... Humph once im here i will challange him for betaship! And see who will lead better! As you Snap into realitly Aldan Tossed his paw at your face softly telling you to listen to Echo, As Aldan said once more," Name and Rank is your willing to join."You Soflty bark," I, Im ______... rank Hunter/Fighter.." Your Quest has began.

Pack News Edit

3/21/16-The Glorous start of our pack! And Aldans Beta naming

Clothing Edit

Neck: Spikes, Scarfts

Back: Nothing or worn

Paws: Leaf Bracelets, Or Elf Bracelets

Head: Flower or nothing

If ANY Of the clothing is not on you will be punished. We Don't wanna look like weak Toleg Mutts.

Vocabulary Terms Edit

Toleg Mutt: Meaning Your basicly calling them a really bad word, DONT USE IT UNLESS VERY MUCH NEEDED!

Close your Muzzle: Meaning just plain Shut up

Keep your tail down: Sit ur tail back onto the floor, Or just stop being so ignorant

Pack Of Stars: Starclan

Puppy-dog: A Dog who once was with tolegs, Or just acts like a mutt.

Mutt: A dog who is a very low rank, and is mostly Disrepected.

Vocabulary Ranks Edit

Alpha: Your leader any disrepect shown to her/him will cause very bad ranking into your name

Beta: Second in command, Also is Allowed to teach mutts a lesson if leader orders him/her And you can fight the beta. Winner Reclaims/ Wins The betaship until challanged again

Hunter Commander: You mostly are the leader of hunting Patrols and are allowed to send them out if beta doesnt have time.

Hunters: They bring food for our pack, same as beta Hunters can challange their Hunter Commander in a hunting contest, But hunters may not EVER Challange the beta.

Fighter Commander: Like the Hunter Commander they lead them into battles if beta is sick, helping camp Or offline

Fighters: They Fight in battle until death do them apart.

Omeaga: Worst rank in the pack! Meaning your good for nothing. You get last picking in mealtime and you have pup duty. Watching Pups ALL DAY

Pups: The Future of the pack. We need them to create greatness!

Elders: Most Respected. They helped us and we repay them by them getting first picking in meals

Trainee's: Like Apprentices, They Train to be full hunter and fighers.

Healers: Medic cats They built the clan when are wounded

Pack Ledgends Edit


When the packs founders, Rowdan. Once he died the pack was scared without him, They asked for a strong leader. Bloodpelt walked up saying that he would lead them and if anyone was to fight him. To the death. He killed many that night. His brother Fearal fought him and killed him and reagain leadership. As so was said, Any Son the alpha spawns he will be leader once the alpha has passed. Bloodpelt is part of the darkforest. He will fully be gone forever once all the decends of Fearl are dead. Aldan is one of the pups of Feral.

Feral's Pool.

When Feral died he was in a pool of water. Once Aldan was old enough he visted the pool witch showed Feral's image in his eyes,its known to be anywolf to is around the pool is given a image of themself in the future. Feral's image means you will be a great wolf. But Bloodpelt's image means you are a deathcall to our pack. Every apprentice will vist the pool with Aldan to determan their fate. This is a rare pool for most areas.

Aldans Past ( Only If ur wondering about your leader) Edit

Aldan was one of the 4 pups of feral. He was the first born and strongest. Feral died when Aldan was 12 moons old. He had to lead the pack. He walked to the river Feral died in and he looked in and saw feral image he brough his brother and he looked in seeing bloodpelt. Aldan leapted at him he didnt notice he killed feral until he confessed it. Aldan killed him in cold blood. Aldan walked back explaining what happened to his pack. All distrought, But knew he did what was right. Thats when it became known as Ferals Pool. He has been very loyal to his pack. Even if he has no allies.

Rankings Edit

Alpha: Aldan ( Scourage6655 ) (( Btw my sister uses my acc )) A dusky brown tom with darker brown flecs, He has a scar over his right ear due to abusive training by his brothers training lesson.

Alpha Female:

Beta: Open

Healer: Open

Healer Trainee:Open

Hunter Commander: Open

Hunters: Open

Fighter Commander: Open

Fighter: Open

Omeaga: Open

Pups: Open

Elders: Open

Seasons Edit

Our Current Season is Spring When The alpha will pick a Alpha female( Mate) to rule by his side and bare his pups.

Sping we hunt more offend due to the fact the Herds of Deer are coming back.

FanArt Edit

Any Fan Art will be posted here!