We are the pack of Crimson fangs. We protect what is ours and fight for what we need. Our teeth are permantly stained with the blood of our enemies. We will never give up. Edit

"Difference is better then the same"-Unknown
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>>> Welcome to the Pack Of Crimson Fangs<<< Edit

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You walk in the darkness of the forest. The trees seem to close around you and you have no ideas what time of day is it, or how long you have been walking. a blood full moon rose over the treetops. A crunching noise sounded behind you and you turn but you see nothing. frightened you continue but soon you could hear more paw steps on either side of you and behind you. you stop and turn around the meet the snarling faces of a group of animals. upon closer look you can barely make out a group of battle scarred dogs and cats. One of the dog snarl " what do you want intruder. what are you doing here on OUR territory?!" You look back at the dog who was a dark black wolf like dog with bright Crimson colored eyes. "I was just passing through, I only mean to hunt and rest then move on.." your voice is cut off but a chuckling from the dog who had spoken and it traveled over the group till it was a loud cackling laugh. "us, let you rest and eat on our territory, you must be mad!" The dog then turned and glared at you before saying "You can either join our pack or leave but you will leave in a pool of your own blood," You tremble and decide to join this mysterious pack. With a nod the large dog lead the way into the forest. As you walk along, you speak to the members of the group and soon come to find out they are not

completely cruel and were actually very nice. You then enter a small glade and gaze up at a old two leg stone fort. The dog in the front turned to you and barked "Like what you see here? Its your new home so get used to it. Come, you must meet Alpha Blade. You walk along and following the dog into the fort. other dogs and cats turned to look at you and you bow your head slightly. The dog stopped out side an entrance and barked "Alpha? We found a stray who wants to join." A voice sounds within and the dog nodded to you before leading the way in. As your eyes become ajusted to the light you see the biggest dog you have ever seen in your life sitting facing away from you on a small raised rock. The dog beside you smiles at your shock and barked softly "Alpha is a mix dog, her mother was a wolf husky german shepard mix and her father was a mastiff, saint bernard and collie mix. so she is really big. But she is a good and fair leader." The large dog turned her head and looked down upon you, before leaping down an approaching you. She was even bigger up close, with red marks on her face and slightly protruding fangs, but her voice was cool and gentle "you wish to join our pack youngster? That will do Crimson." She nodded to the dog beside you who turned and left without a word. Alpha Blade then turned and said "Welcome to the pack of crimson fangs."

Theme song: Bad Blood: Taylor Swift

>>>Pack rules<<< Edit

  1. Alpha's word is law
  2. respect all members of your pack
  3. all demotions or new changes must be announced to the alpha or

betas before occuring

  1. No Mercy during battles
  2. no fighting within the pack unless you are sparring
  3. never leave camp without notifying someone
  4. no long BRBS. no one likes having to wait for you to reply. log off if you have to and then log back in.
  5. rudeness is never tolerated. if your considered being rude by the alpha you will be asked to leave the pack and stay in the territory till you can fix your attitude
  6. no whining. Alpha takes in to consideration any problems but no whining about training, hunting, duties etc.
  7. be kind to one another. we are more than a pack. we are a family and we need to act like one. we are cats and dogs living with eachother. we can still be a family
  8. do all your duties before meal and rest time. Extra duties will be given to those who do not complete their daily duties
  9. all pups and kits must have a caregiver no matter who it is to look after them.
  10. dont judge someone without getting to know them. Ex. alpha might seem slightly mean but she's a real sweetie if you get to know her
  11. challenge all animals that enter the camp

Territory Edit

Blood Moon Forest: Sarepia forest, were we often hunt and patrol, main terriotory

Howling Valley: Coral Canyons, Where we hunt and gather for gatherings and such

Blaze tooth mountain: Mt. Shivier, cold and rugged, good place to practice snow hunting

Vincent's ruins: dark marshy area, good for hunting

World: Asaro

>>>Pack ranks<<< Edit

Alpha: Head of the pack, leads the pack in battles and ceremonies and hunts

Betas: One of two dogs or cats who help the alpha lead their pack, takes over when alpha is not on

Healers: heals and keeps the pack healty, speaks to the spirits

Hunters/ fighter: hunts and protects the pack

trainees: training to be hunters and fighters

caregivers: cares for all pups even if not a mother

scraps: pups

>>>Pack Members<<< Edit

Alpha: Blade

Description: extremely massive dark wolf like black dog with brownish underbelly and brown marks here and there on fur, has orange red eyes and painted red marks on face, slighly protruding upper fangs. (eagle27751)

Beta: Crimson

Description: Black wolf with crimson colored eyes (user: wolfonthehunt

Co Beta:



Afterlife: silver and white cat with blue eyes


Black fang: balck and white dog with green eyes

Honey: chesnut cat with green eyes

Trainees: Fox, a russet and black shecat with green eyes. Healer apprentice.


Scraps: Rose, Pale sandish she kit with green eyes

Hazelkit: white and gray she kit with green eyes

Catness: gray and white pup with blue eyes

FAQs Edit

Are there any high ranks open?
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Currently we have healers open

Are we really blood thirsty?

No. we use the word crimson meaning blood just as a term, we aren't actaully that blood thirsty

If I don't like something what should i do

Speak to alpha

Why is there so much two leg stuff?


remember our camp is built in an old two leg fort so a lot of the stuff was already there when we found it

Dos and don'ts Edit

Bloody wolf

Never bother alpha when shes having a meeting

always volunteer if you can with anything

Joining Edit


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type of Dog/Cat

Past clans or pack:

Roleplay example

Why do you want to join our pack

Any one you know who wants to join as well:

Allies and Enemies Edit

File:Bloody wolf by skatergirl12.jpg
Pack of Shadow Stones (Vadar, Blade's Brother)



Pack of withered souls (Alika)

Member Spotlight: Alpha Edit

this is where we post a little bit about a member of the pack and we tell you a little about them

Alpha Blade: Born and raised in a cave on a mountain cliff over a large pine forest, alpha parents were two big dogs, jade, a beautiful large, wolf German Shepard husky mix and Javar, a large mastif, Saint bernard collie mix fell in love and soon had puppies. Blade who was the oldest of her two other brothers, was the most trouble some for some time and always had her parents running after her. She was always a daddy's girl and could be often found trying to follow her dad or cuddling next to him hearing his stories. Her other brothers were more like their mother. when her father was away though on hunting, blade stuck her her mother who she loved and respected. The family was very happy, till her father came with the news of a new pack. The family set out to join this new pack and was quickly welcomed. Blade of course did the smartest thing a pup could do (not) and walk right up to the alpha and tried to get him to pay atrention To her. When she became a trainee the alpha him self chose to train her. Blade learned all the skills and soon took some more just by watching her mentor, then soon after she became a warrior a rebel warrior killed the alpha and took over the pack. Her family fled but the rebel wolf wanted blade as his mate. With a heavy heart, blade left her family to try and get the wolf away from them. She jumped from pack to pack always leaving. Soon she came upon the pack of withered souls and was invited in. She rose to beta but after discovering the alpha planned to demote her for no reason, blade left the pack. Sadly there was a dog there thst looked very much like one of her younger brothers. Upon leaving she ran into her fsmily now only her mother and father, one of her brothers had died and the other had vanished. Blade then went to go make her own pack

likes: country music

dislikesz: annoying jammers and loud noises

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