= Introduction = Edit

Padding through a rather foggy forest wasn't your idea of a good time. You know you want to think positive but with the negative ideas swimming through your mind, you weren't having the time of your life. You heard a cracking stick, which interrupted your train of thought. Whipping around, you noticed the holly bushes behind you looked more moved as if someone erupted through them. You freeze, hearing a rather sly chuckle behind you before what seemed to be a red colored creature pinned you onto the ground, belly first. It flipped you over, sighing when it saw your face. "It's just a wanderer!" The red pelted creature called back to the holly bushes. She scoffed at your face, letting you up and shoving you away.

Two other creatures came out of the holly bushes, one large charcoal and black and the other one the same color, but with vivid leaf markings all over her flanks and face. With a loud whimper, you scoot away from the animals, since they were giving you an impression that they were a force to be reckoned with. "Good idea, kid." The red-pelted creature stepped forward threateningly, her jaws in a toothy grin as she advanced slowly. "Florid, back now." The second one said to the red animal, and with the red animal retreating behind the two others. The first one stepped forward, and you instantly notice the sign of authority, as he strutted toward you with his head high. And yet, the red one seemed to take no notice, always speaking up without permission, giving you the idea she was the most reckless of the three.

The second one followed the first one with her head low, her tail arched above her back as she too radiated authority, but in a different way. "I am Sorrow." The second one said softly. But you weren't listening, taking in how large the animals were. "Aye, she's noticing." The first one said to Sorrow, twisting his gaze toward you. "Oh well." Sorrow shrugged and turned her heels to glare at Florid and padding toward her, shaking her well-groomed head. While you twist to see behind the shoulder of the first one, you hear snips of lecture before the first one coughed, his head shaking. "We are tundra wolves," he said slowly, his head tilting at you. "But now that you know, you either join or die. No one else must know about Condemned. Not so soon." He sighed before training his white eyes on you. "So what's it gonna be?"

= Rules = Edit

  1. No Double clanning/packing. If you don't like Condemned, just leave.
  2. No killing/fighting with another pack member. Only allowed in spars.
  3. You MUST share prey equally at all times. Who cares if you were the one who caught it, we're a pack.
  4. You must listen to high ranks all time. Not willing to will result in punishment.
  5. You must share respect for the people that worked hard on Condemned. Otherwise known as the leaders.
  6. You MUST MUST MUST have loyalty under all circumstances. This basically means if you rebel against Condemned, you will be severely punished.

= Pack Information = Edit

We are all Canis lupus. PACK ATTIRE:

Head: Skull, Fox Hat (nonmembers)

Neck: Spike collar, leaf necklace, scarf (nonmembers)

Back: Spartan armor, pirate sword (nonmembers)

Legs: Elf bracelets, legendary glove, normal/rare glove (nonmembers)

Tail: Nothing

= Ranks = Edit

Superiors: Alpha

Commissioner: Beta

Delta: Zeta

Carnage: Lead Warrior

Canines: Warriors

Kin: Canines in training

Mothers: Self explanatory

Offspring: Pup

= Members = Edit