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Dark wolves from the beyond

Untitled Edit

  1. Fallen Star Commited Pack
  2. We Allow Dogs, And Cats.
  3. If You Have Some Problems About Something, Please Tell Me.
  4. We Allow Dogs Eating Dogs And Cats Eating Cats
  5. Only Allow One Suffix Name. (Tell Me If You Won't Accept This Fact)
  6. Yes you can challenge another rank if you wish, any rank except of course the alpha.

-----Intro------(Prologue) Edit

This is the kind of place your mother told you to stay away from as a cub. A place where nothing good happens. You where scared as cubs but always thought nothing was there because of how quiet it always was. Honestly where you deaf? unable to hear the screams of undeniable death? Is that why you decided to roam the forest of darkness? Imbecile they all called you. Have you lost your mind? They'd scream. You'd laugh and say. "Nothing can stop me." That's what everyone thought. Remember this. you can't escape once you go. You can't leave once you enter. You cant stop their blood thirsty jaws from tearing you from limb to limb. Although nobody has stayed long enough to tell anyone else. They don't know that though. because they can never remember what happened that day. What happened the day it started.

Iris wasn't always bad. Lets just say. Be careful what you say to someone you think is weak.

Iris was a gentle pup. He cared for his mother and sister but they would never show affection to him. They never knew what he was capable of. No. Not until they pushed him to far. He was their servant, un-cared for, un-loved. So he snapped. He killed them both. No regret no more slave work, finally free. Finally to himself. He felt alive. He'd chuckle and run. run to the place with no lights. hiding away from everyone. everyone who would judge him taunt of the things he did. But he didn't care. he would gather all the rejects and the Broken Whispers. for a final chance to make their lives worth every. Little. Moment.


You ran, your legs trembled in desperation to hide, but no matter what you did that howls always followed you. You whined your paws slipping against the damp earth. You fell to your side hurrying up quickly and limping to an underbrush. You panted softly whimpering as you ducked under a fallen log. Your face was frozen with fear as you tried to control your panicked breaths. You heart beat faster as the howls ceased. You sighed falling onto the ground in relief. "Home... I'm coming home.. alive.." You smiled pulling yourself up a laugh escaping your throat. "ha... that's right.. alive.. home!.." something pulled you down, short to your laughter you cried out your paws collapsing under the weight. "NO NO PLEASE!" You started to cry, your body bobbing up in down in hysteria."Please..." A dry laugh sounded through the empty air. "We show no mercy for the weak.." claws dug into your spine, you felt them pierce through your flesh as blood trickled through your fur. You yelled out pain tracing through your body. "STOP! PLEASE!" The male howled in laughter his grip on your back becoming more stern. you heard more animals pawing their way closer to you. "Stay back.. please." You coughed clawing at the ground unable to move from the massive males grip. He moved his grip to your neck pulling himself off you body to duck and stare into your eyes. His eyes where a profound silver, soulless and empty, no love, no heart. Just pain. He cackled yipping at you. You flinched whining louder as he flashed his teeth. They where caked with dried blood and flesh. Insane... utterly maniac... You trembled. I'm going to die. He pulled away, leaving your paralyzed body to quiver. Run. Your body ached to run as fast as you could. You dug your claws into the soil simply trying to pull yourself up. He cackled again pushing your back, creating a worsened pain to lick at your flesh. You howled, panting as you looked up tears stinging your eyes. "What do you want..." He cocked his head staring at you with a innocent gaze. "Food." He stared at you for minute and grinned maniacally. "Attack."

Mucher much wow

More Information Edit

Founders Editors Recruiting? Season Member Count
Iris Iris Not yet. ? ?

( If You Are Unfamiliar With Warriors Words Just Go To Warriors Wiki And Search "Clan Terminology" )

Theme Song Edit

Breaking Benjamin- Failure,d.eWE

Alpha (Leader Of The Pack ) Edit

Name Username Mate Apprentice Description More Info
Iris xxcagedxx *Im working on it* Shares account,

Free chat,



(Making a signature for the three alphas')

Beta x2 (Deputy Of The Pack) Edit

Name Username Mate Apprentice Description More Info Signature

Reapers x2 (In charge of killings or torturing) Edit

Name Username Mate Apprentice Description More Info Signature

The Broken (Warriors) Edit

They Are Always Put Into War And Cannot Say No To War. Iris Will Train You If You Have Little Knowledge.

Name Username Mate Apprentice Description More Info

Trainees Edit

Apprentices Can Be Put Into War By Their Consent. But If They Die They Are Left In The Battle Field And Are Left There. It May Sound Evil But We Don't Want Another Attack.

Name Username Description Mentor More Info

Healers x4 (Healers and their apprentices) Edit

2 Healers At A Time Can Have Kits. If They Step Down From Healer They Are Elders Or Apprentices. 2 Healers Can Also Spar With Iris And Be Put Into War.

Name Username Description Apprentice More Info Mate (only 2 Healers)

Birth Givers Edit

Queens Give Birth To Kits Or Are Foster Mothers And Nurse Kits Without Their Real Mothers. They Cannot Be In A War Until They Are Out Of The Nursing Stage.

Name Username Description Kit Mate More Info

Nurser (Kits Or Pups) Edit

Nursers Are Never Put Into War, But Are Trained right before they become Apprentices. ( 5 Moons )

Name Username Description More Info

Deceased Edit

Name How Username

Prisoners (Cats Or Dogs We've Captured) Edit

Name User Rank Clan/Pack Reason Leader Leaders User

Purpose of "MORE INFO"- Free Chat? Shares Account? Knows Anatomy?

Language Usage Edit

  1. Twolegs- Opposites
  2. Clans- Packs That Rumor
  3. Anatomy Is Allowed But Please For The Sake Of Others Explain What is Said
  4. Coral Canyons- The Land Of Red Rocks
  5. Jamaa Township- Opposites Camp
  6. Sarepia Forest- Tangled Forest
  7. Kimbara- Opposites Camp
  8. Appondale- Treeless
  9. Mt. Shiveer- Flake
  10. Temple Of Zios- Ori Ground
  11. Dark Forest- Fallen Stars
  12. Star Clan- Risen Spirits

Territories Edit

Ori Ground


Tangled Forest


Restricted Clothing And Clothing To Wear Edit

  1. Worns- Allowed
  2. Skulls- Allowed
  3. Swords- Non Member
  4. Head Flowers- Not Allowed
  5. Any Flower Clothing - Not Allowed
  6. Spikes- Allowed
  7. Leaf Necklace- Allowed
  8. Glove- Non Member
  9. Tail Armor- Not Allowed
  10. Bow And Arrows- Not Allowed
  11. Elf Braclets- Allowed
Head Neck Back legs Tail
Skull Spike Elf Armor Elf Armor Nothing
Fox Hat Leaf Necklace Spartan Armor Certain Gloves ----------
HEALER Neck Back Legs Tail
........... Spike Jamaaliday


Elf Cuffs Nothing
.......... Leaf ...... ........... ..........
NONMEMBER Head neck Back Legs Tail
---------------- Fox Hat Moon Worn Glove Nothing
---------------- Flower Leaf Sword ------- ----------

Ally Form Edit

Leader Name/Alpha:


Reason Why You Want To Be Allies:

Roleplay Example:

Number Of Warrior Books You Read:

Other (optional):

( You Are Allowed To Copy And Paste This To Fill It Out)

How To Join Edit


Pack Name(Clan Names Allowed Exceptionally):





Reason Joined:

Roleplay Example:


Free Chat?:

Canine Or Feline:


( You Are Allowed To Copy And Paste This To Fill It Out )

-Rivals- Edit

-Allies- Edit

___Punishments___ Edit

  1. Warning
  2. Elderly Rank
  3. Banned From The Code Of Broken Whispers
  4. Torn Ear
  5. Blinded
  6. Scar on side
  7. Exile

Rules About This Page Edit

  1. Dont Copy It, Dont Paste Without My Permission.
  2. Under The Paragraph Quotes You May Enter Your Own Photos And Quotes.
  3. If Your Name Is On The Page You May Insert Of Picture Of You And What You Look Like.
  4. Do Not Edit This Page Unless You Ask Me First.
  5. Please If You Have To Copy The Form Of Entry To Join.
  6. If You Have A Problem With This Page Tell Me

Rules About The Pack Edit

  1. White Tags
  2. Listen To Your Leader
  3. If The Delta And Beta Are Higher Ranks Than You, Listen To Them
  4. No Anatomy
  5. ( Working On More)
  1. Tangled Forest-Burke
  2. Flake-Burke
  3. Ori Ground-Burke

-Quotes- Edit

"We're going to make you better. Better means good. Good means evil." ~ Sorrel & Iris

"The Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane Is The Satisfying Pool Of Blood At My Paws Is That To Hard To Believe?"~Iris

"You don't need the stupid clans that always grovel to "StarClan". You just need to feel the lake of blood in an animal's body before you kill them." - Sorrel >:)

--Fan Art-- Edit

Gallery (Pictures) Edit

-Polls- Edit

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