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What's This? Edit

The TOURNAMENTS are a means of an activity check for all of the members gathered with hard work by Fathom and Ripple along with their general

We hold these as friendly competition between cats, used to see how well members work together in small groups.

It is open to all and HIGHLY recommended for signing up.

For a small treat, Fathom has gathered ITEMS and assembled a SPECIAL RANK to earn from participating whole-heartedly.

These items are rares, betas and items you probably have been looking for to complete your look.


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Tournaments Edit

  • Adventure Tournament - Cats are required to have a level one land animal before entering this tournament. If one were to cheat and change to a higher level animal, it will be noticed and the player will be disqualified from the tournament. Players can work in a group of 4, but are required to get everyone to that same adventure level that was set upon the start of the tourney. In groups, there is always a 'squad leader', or someone who takes hold of how the group completes the challenge. If one were to go solo, they must supply a legitimate reasoning to the tournament hosts. GROUPS ARE PREFERRED!

Purpose: Keeps things interesting, Improves on teamwork (Leaders vs. Followers), Helps complete character appearances.

Average Points Awarded: 50-200

Potential Prizes: Fox Hats, Spikes, Rare Gloves, Worn Blankets, Nonmember Swords, Bow and Arrows, Den Betas, Miscellaneous Rares, Character Drawing.

  • Tree Climbing Tournament - One of the hosts will have a forest set up in a separate den. All those who are competing will be assigned a tree to climb up. The top 3 members with the most detail, length and creativity will be chosen. Those participating are not permitted to use advanced vocabulary.

Purpose: Improve typing skills, causes others to think outside the box to be recognized, introduces ideas, Character skills enhanced.

Average Points Awarded: 50-150

Potential Prizes: Miscellaneous Rares, Betas, Character Drawing.

  • Sparring Tournament - One of the hosts will have a den, designed with an arena set-up. Participants will sign up and be paired together by the Monarchs based off of studied skill. Participants are permitted to use teeth and claws, but will count as an instant heal once the fight is called off by the hosts. If someone is absent, the person up will get a choice to either spar a monarch for bonus points upon 3 pins, to see if anyone is willing to spar twice, or to withdraw completely. Monarchs are not permitted to spar anyone below the rank of Elite unless there is an absence and no volunteers available. Players holding the 'Youth' rank are permitted to join only if they use an adult character. Players holding the 'Trainee' rank are only to be paired with another of the same rank OR their Mentor. If unavailable, they, too are to use adult cats. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE TO WAIT UNTIL THEIR OPPONENT POSTS THEIR RESPONSE! Give each other a chance to get some hits and dodges! No advanced vocabulary is permitted.

Purpose: Improve typing skills, Improve on response speed, Creativity in short amounts of time, Gain quick thinking in tough situations, Improve on character abilities.

Average Points Awarded: 50-150

BONUS: [Only for the reasons specified above.] 50-100 (Based on timing of each pin)

Potential Prizes: Miscellaneous Rares, Betas, Character Drawing.

  • Protect the Prey - This tournament is basically a game of capture the flag. There are two teams, selected by the Monarchs based on skills. The den will be set up with certain colors on each side of the map. This is one of the few tournaments where the pack is allowed to change tag colors! Each team will be given a color and change it accordingly. One team will defend a single piece of prey, usually a rabbit from the offending team. The offending team will have to get through the defenders and steal the prey, taking it back to their side of the den. Every other match, the field will switch for equality of each team. Whoever gets to 10 steals first will win the tournament. Teeth and claws are permitted, but once the game is over, the players are instantly healed. NO ADVANCED VOCABULARY PERMITTED! If someone is recognized as being unfair or disrupting, they will sit out for 2 games.

Purpose: Strategy, Response Speed, Character Improvement.

Average Points Awarded: 100-200

Potential Prizes: Miscellaneous Rares, Betas, Character Drawing.

  • Art Tournament - This tournament is particularly towards our artists. When signing up, they have a choice to draw a subject on ordinary paper, digitally, or take a screenshot of AJ artworks. [Anything that appears to be in a frame or has been visually cropped will not be accepted!] They are to send it in the comments on the day it's due. From there, the pack will vote on which artwork they think should win. ALL ART MUST BE PG 13!!! Please keep your responses to said pieces mature. Those who fail at these simple rules will be punished accordingly and/or disqualified.

Purpose: Something fun to do in spare time.

Average Points Awarded: 50-150

Potential Prizes: Miscellaneous Rares, Betas, Character Drawing.

Rules Edit

  1. Respect the hosts, group leaders and participants!
  2. Don't rain on everybody's parade!
  3. Respect the traditions set in place. We work hard to supply fun activities to everyone and would like to keep them!
  4. Follow the instructions clarified under each listed available tournament.
  5. Meet your due dates! If you sign up late, there will not be any exception to join in! Once it's done, it's done.
  6. Have fun, and work towards improvement. It should help you out in the long run!
  7. Report any issues to Fathom, Ripple or Oak.

Anyone who fails to meet these expectations will be punished as the hosts see fit:

- Expulsion from all tournaments.

- Disqualification from the current tournament.

- Removal of points awarded.

- Removal of prizes.

- Removal of all points earned to rank up.

- Other punishments listed on the PTT page.

Sign-Ups Edit


??/??/?? @ ??:?? PM EST - ??/??/?? @ ??:?? PM EST

Please sign up using the example for a guide.

1.) Character Name (User) - [Species] - <Group>/<Rank> - Task (What you're doing in the Tournament)

Task List: Host (Reserved), Substitute (Reserved), Participant (Open), Audience (GUESTS ONLY)

SPARRING: Den Limit - 32 (Including Host) Edit

  1. Fathom (Shadow45981) - [Unidentified Mountain Cat] - <The Pack of Towering Trees>/<Monarch I> - Host+Substitute
  2. Ripple (o0shadowdream0o) - [Caracal] - <The Pack of Towering Trees>/<Monarch II> - Host+Substitute

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