Sagestar Edit


                                    General Information Edit

Previous Names: Sage, Sagekit, Sagepaw, Sagefrost

Current Home: Heatherclan

Previous homes: Loner, Kittypet

Current Rank: Leader

Previous Ranks: Kittypet, loner, kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy

Species: Cat

Breed: Unknown

Voice: WIP

Age: About 60 moons ( 5 years )

Gender: Female

Lives remaining: 7

Nicknames: Sagey, Sage

Friends: Crystalfrost, Palegaze, Taintedstream, Shadebreeze, Kani, Aiden

Brothers: Stagkit

Sisters: Deerkit

Mother: Rowanclaw

Father: Shadowsight/star

Mate: None


Theme song: N/A

Agility: 9/10

Speed: 9/10

Fighting: 7/10

Cleverness: 8/10

Hostility: 3/10

Kindness: 6/10

Accuracy: 8/10


Whisper - 89%

Shadebreeze - 91%

Kani - 86%

Taintedstream - 94%

Aiden - 87% ( sorry beb )

Crystalfrost - 89%

Palegaze - 88%

Ravenpatch - 62%

Ripplepaw - 45%

Mistyecho - 78%

Description & Backstory

Sagestar is a small tortoiseshell she-cat with bright amber eyes. She has a large scar across her muzzle, and a small nick in her left ear. Her spots are ginger, brown, and dark gray/black, her main pelt color is white. Her muzzle is black with brown and ginger spots scattered around her eye and nose. Her front paws are both brown, while the back paws are ginger. Her tail is slightly short, and is a dark gray-ish black. Sagestar's eyes are an amber-ish orange, inherited from her mother, Rowanclaw, who died from a concussion and seizure. Her siblings, who were named Deerkit, and Stagkit, both wandered out of camp when they were young. The two were never seen again, the leader at the time, Aspenstar, just assumed a fox or a hawk had gotten the kits, and they were dead. Sagestar still believes to this day that they are still alive. Though she was young when they went missing, she can recognize their pelts quickly. She believes she saw her brother hunting in the woods that surround Heatherclan. Sagestar ( Sagefrost at the time ) tried to call out, but was nervous her clan mates would see her calling a rogue over. She was silent and said nothing, and thankfully she did not have to chase him off.                                                                          Sagestar is usually a fairly calm cat when it comes to serious things, but can become really hyper if a good friend is on.

                                         Ripple(paw) Edit


                               General InformationEdit

Previous Names: Ripplekit, Ripple,

Current Home: Unknown

Previous homes: None

Current Rank: Medicine cat apprentice

Previous Ranks: Kit, loner

Species: Cat

Breed: Russian blue mix

Voice: WIP

Age: About 14 moons ( 2 years )

Gender: Female

Nicknames: Ripple, Rip,

Friends: Kodiak, Taintedleaf, Kani

Brothers: None.

Sisters: None

Mother: Unknown she-cat

Father: Unknown tom

Theme song: Gasoline ( no link yet )

Agility: 3/10

Speed: 4/10

Fighting: 5/10

Cleverness: 8/10

Hostility: 6/10

Kindness: 4/10

Accuracy: 4/10

Description & Backstory Edit

Ripplepaw is an extremely small white and gray spotted she-cat. She has dark blue eyes and a twisted front paw. Her right ear is slightly torn. She got the twisted front paw front falling out of a tree while racing her friend, Honeypaw, to the top after collecting herbs. On her way down, her ear was snagged on a branch, tearing it slightly.

When Ripplepaw was just apprentice, she got lost in Shadowclan territory. While she was lost, she climbed a tree and looked around, trying to find her way back home. Kodiak, a rogue who lives outside of Shadowclan territory, confronted her, and the two became friends. Then, a Shadowclan search patrol spots the two. Three of the cats are silent, but it appears the deputy is there, and he's not too happy. The patrol marches home with Ripplepaw, leaving Kodiak confused and alone.

For the next four moons, Ripple continues to see Kodiak. Until, one of her friends catches them. Taintedstream, a senior warrior in Shadowclan, tells Ripplepaw if she comes back to camp now, then she can come back and see the rogue tomorrow, and she won't tell Amberstar anything. Ripplepaw hesitates, but agrees to the warrior's offer.

Ripplepaw and Honeypaw are both out in the forest, when Honeypaw spotted a very tall tree. "Race you to the top!" Honeypaw squealed, and Ripple quickly followed, catching up to her quickly. Ripplepaw was on a branch for a minute, but it was old and hollow, and collapsed under Ripple's weight. She fell out of the tree and twisted her front paw. Kodiak was worried after Ripple hadn't come to visit him in a while. He decided to go to Shadowclan and ask to join, but kept changing his mind. Finally, he figured he would be happier outside of Shadowclan. Moons later, Ripple returns to Kodiak, limping on three legs. The two excitingly greet each other. Ripple explains she was stuck in camp after twisting her front paw while falling out of a tree.

Ravenpatch Edit


Previous Names: Ravenkit, Ravenpaw,

Current Home: Starclan

Previous homes: Unknown

Current Rank: Warrior

Previous Ranks: Kit, apprentice.

Species: Cat

Breed: Unknown

Voice: WIP

Age: About 84 moons at death ( 7 years? )

Gender: Male

Lives remaining: 0

Nicknames: Raven, Patch, Ravey, Patchy

Friends: Taintedleaf, Sagestar

Brothers: Shadowsight

Sisters: Nightfall

Mother: Bramblesight

Father: Unknown tom

Theme song: Forest Fires ( no link yet )Agility: 9/10

Speed: 6/10

Fighting: 7/10

Cleverness: 5/10

Hostility: 1/10

Kindness: 9/10

Accuracy: 8/10