O w l s t a r
B a s i c s

"I'll make you regret EVERYTHING you said, honey."

Name: Owlstar
Group: MossClan
Rank: Leader
Orientation: Nuetral
Sexuality: Straight
H o n o r i f i c

Name breakdown

Owl: her big, intelligent amber eyes.

Star: due to her ranking.



owl, bb, owly, snooty brat.


Former names

Owlkit, Owlpaw, Owlwish.


I d e n t i t y


A Tawny and cream female with intelligent amber optics. __


A mild scent of mud and wet moss; hints of blood.


Age and birthday

May 19th; 27 moons.



(In no particular order)


R o m a n c e




*~P h y s i c a l~*

Although Owlstar isn't as caught up with everybody's appearance,a little muscle here and there is greatly appreciated. She seems to be drawn towards toms with a pelage contrasting hers, whether it be a classic tabby, or a more exotic, speckled, ruddy coat. Same for visionaries, greens and blues seem to enchant her in a way no other eye-color could.

*~I n t e r n a l~*

Cats who dare stand up to her sometimes ludicrous orders always seemed to stick out to her. Perhaps it's the rush of adrenaline she feels as she's about to snap at them, or their bravery for even considering to do such a thing that seems to catch her attention. Owlstar also appreciates the listeners who put up with her bratty rants that criticize the smallest thing. She may act like she doesn't care for your existence if you end up becoming her crush, but thats just her way of showing how much she cares~



S t o r y

Ah, greetings my friend, you ask of my story, eh? It may be hard to believe, but I wasn't always the well-respected, intimidating cat I am now. In fact, I used to be just the opposite, a kittypet, but let’s just keep that between you and me. So, you might be asking, ‘how did I join the clans?’ well I was getting there, be patient. It all started when my owner, Zane, had taken me along for a gig he had at a beach hut. While he was preforming, I snuck out from my cage and decided to explore the place, avoiding as many clumsy twolegs as I could. That’s when I stumbled upon Thor, who was attempting to get out of his own cage (A sad and amusing sight indeed!). Me being the nice cat I am, graciously lifted the latch for him. Was it destiny that l had happened to stumble upon a rebellious kit, who wanted to escape the kittypet life we were both born into? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, meeting him changed my life forever. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes I remember now, as soon as we had introduced ourselves, he ran out of the hut when his owner caught sight of him. Curious on why he sprinted off like that, I chased after him. We spent the rest of the day running from our owners, I hadn’t had that much fun in my life! Of course, as the sun slowly crawled downward in the horizon, I felt obligated to return to Zane. It was all just a fun game wasn’t it? Like hide and seek tag, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong. Thor didn’t wish to return to his owner. I was confused, we had our fun, it was time to go home. So, as my pet Zane carried me away I began to wonder what life was like out there, beyond the twoleg territory. As soon as I had got home, I immediately filled in my younger sister, Vanilla(fur) on what had happened. A few moons later, my curiosity peeked as I stayed out later, and dared to venture out past the fence that had separated me from the wild for so long. One day, I had had enough of brief walks around the forest, it was time to join the clan cats I had heard so much about. I admit, I was a little scared when I first confronted their patrol with my sister. You see, they had quite the reputation in our community and not the good kind. It was rumored they ate each other when times get tough, and the kits were the first to go. Looking back on that…. I kind of feel stupid for believing that rubbish. I was determined to ‘toughen’ up myself and my sister by acting hostile around everyone.…. But that’s a story for another time. When Vanilla and I had joined the camp, I found things were very different than what was described by all my sources. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and I um… repaid them by being a total prick. I didn’t really have many friends… but who needs friends? I had more ambitious goals in mind, they’d only be distractions. This mind-set gradually faded as I grew less hostile towards my new family, and began my quest to rise through the ranks, and eventually land where I am today. So now you know my past, I’m not very proud of certain things I’ve done that I haven’t mentioned, and I have some regrets… but I’m not telling you any of them! Now go on a patrol or something, make yourself useful.

A r t 
  • By meeee
  • Credit to: Hawksight10675
  • Credit to: Kawaiibearss

C o d i n g 

C r e d i t
Vanilla bb!1! aka Kawaiibearss~

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