You look around in amazement of your new, starry home. You look over, a few cats smiling and Bluestar dipping her head in greeting. You had served your clan well in your golden days. Now, it was time to rep the rewards. You grin and pounce through the star-filled forest, your eyes bright and pelt aglow. As you bound across the dense trees, your smile wavers slightly as you feel a gripping chill, the forest ahead as black as the inky ocean. A white shecat, an old friend of your's, gives a fearful yelp as she catches up. She panted "Come on, _____, let's go..." you frown "why not? Come on, scaredy cat!" You dart off, her cries of warning unheard over your cheeky laughter. You were never taught about the darkforest, and now, it looked like you'd get a nice dose of it. You feel uneasy as you creep towards the darkness, smokey clouds of fog drifting towards you. And as you turn, your laughs crawl into your throat to die. A tom sat next to you, calmly sharpening his claws. You yelp and jump back, your fur on end. The tom looked at you with surprise and amusement "ah, finally! It was starting to get boring, following you. Your as loud as a monster!" He gave a half smile, as if saying "I"m so cool" and "Look at this, a kittypet!" You scowl. You are a warrior! You've spent moons of training in your clan, and your not going to be snickered at by some pathetic loner. You snap angrily "Quiet, foxheart! You probably weren't even IN a clan!" The cat's confident smirk faded slightly. He looked different without the look of gloating and pride on his face. He looked stern and commanding, like a leader calling his troops to battle. He meowed in his low voice, and you detect a hint of an accent, like the rouges outside your clan "I have my reasons, cat. You don't kn...." the tom's ears suddenly raised, alert like a frightened rabbit. "what?" you snicker at the brute's sudden fear. He hisses "get behind me!" as you do, a large tabby pounces out of the shadowy trees, pouncing onto the tom. You watch as the tom (which you have now nicknamed 'claws') swipes at the tabby, his claws hooking into its fur. You watch as it howls and notices you, leaping at you instead. You yelp, and at the last moment, 'claws' rams his shoulder into the tabby, sending him off course into the tree. The tabby whimpered and gave a last attempt to claw at claw's eyes. Claws then snarled and bit into the tabby's shoulder with sharp fangs. The tabby gave a last, frightening yowl and darted off to wherever it lived. Claws yelled out "and don't come back!" You watch a satisfied smile appear on the tom's face as he grunts "come on!" He gave you a hearty nudge and you set off to your friend. You pad after him until you see the white shecat a few lengths ahead. You turn and meow "Thank you very much for your help. What's your name stranger." 'claws' gave you a faint smile "Name's Onyx." You nod and run to your white furred friend. She gasps "oh thank starclan! you're alive!" You nod and grin "here, you gotta meet my friend.." as you turn, you notice the tom is gone. Your friend frowns "what?" You shake your head "nothing.." She nods and grins "last one to the big oak tree is a kittypet!" she raced off, turning into a white blur. You give a last look back at where Onyx was standing. You look down a puddle and you notice the tom's face peeking out from the trees above you from it's reflection. You grin as the tom gave you a sly smile and you turn, disappearing into the starry trees ahead.

Onyx (aka: Otterfang) 60 moons Personality: charming, teasing, sneaky, sly, fierce, angry, strong, harsh, stern, stubborn, calm, loud, quick and clever.


Parents: Mother:unknown Father: Sparrow

Siblings: Sister/s: Forgotten Brother/s: Crow

Kit/s: Owl, Breeze


Pelt: Black with a silver underbelly and large, bluish gray spots.

Body build: Large, stocky, broad, muscular, tall, long tail, big, scarred ears, unusually large fangs and short, but sharp claws.

features: None


Song: Home, Phillip Phillips

Quote: "Doubts kill more dreams then failure ever will."

Bio: Son of Sparrow, he is the older brother of Forgotten. When he was young, Sparrow didn't have time for him, so he gave them to a few nice rogues. As he grew, he became a very strong warrior and made a name for himself. He died in a large wild fire, currently living the small border between the darkforest and starclan.

EXTRA: The Adventures of Onyx: The Last Chapter.

He knew he was dead. he knew. In his bones, in his soul! How did it start? When him and Breeze were walking through the dense forest, the moonlight rippling through the trees over head.. They walked until they found a clearing. so familiar! He knew this place by heart. It was the death place of Forgotten, Sparrow, and many generations of cats before him. He looked up at a large oak, it's branches swaying. A chill ran down his back. He sighed and shook his head. Just some fear. Onyx didn't have many fears, that was true. He only had one, actually. He had truly excepted it when Soul, a loner dead set on breaking him, taunted him with the message. He shivered. He blinked himself into focus. What was Breeze saying? He glanced over at her. ".... and Toad and Snake? Their just evil!...." She continued. He peered at Breeze, a small but strong shecat with a black, white splattered pelt and blue eyes, sharp; despite their blindness. It was amazing how much she looked like her mother! He sighed silently. How he missed her. How he missed them! When Breeze and Owl were younger, how he played with their tiny paws. But even know, after knowing Breeze for moons, he still didn't dare to tell her he was her father. He took a deep breath, taking in the musky forest air. Suddenly, he caught a sniff of something. His heart raced as he meowed darkly "Breeze, come on." Breeze paused and frowned "what?.." Onyx yelped and dragged her along as he raced away. Over the whistling of wind, he heard her yowl "wait, what?!" His ears pinned as he sniffed again, the scent gaining. Breeze seemed to understand. She meowed softly "fire...." Onyx nodded grimly and raced on, putting Breeze on her paws so she could run beside him. But soon, he stumbled to a halt. He had reached a wall of rock, too steep and high to climb. He cursed something and spun, watching amber-coloured fire wrap it's flaming arms around trees, setting them ablaze. He looked around desperately until his honey-gold eyes landed on a small cave in the side of the cliff. He yowled "come on!" and heaved Breeze over. Breeze easily slipped into the space, her small frame allowing space. Onyx lowered himself, attemping to squeeze himself into the small hole. He heard Breeze give a fearful cry "come ON!" He grunted and cringed as he pushed with all this might, but no matter what he did, he couldn't fit. Suddenly, a surprising calm spread across Onyx as he pushed himself away from the cave. "O-Onyx? what are you doing?" Yelped Breeze, her sightless eyes wide with fear. Onyx gave a sad smile "i'm sorry i can't guide you any farther." Breeze's face filled with horror at the knowledge of his actions "Onyx, no!" He away from the cave and glanced at the fire. It grew closer, and Onyx could feel the heat on his pelt. He sat calmly and looked at Breeze's head poking out of the cave "onyx, no!" Onyx's face went stern "You will stay in that cave, you promise me?" He gazed stubbornly at Breeze as she stuttered "Onyx.." He scowled "Breeze, promise!" He looked at his daughter's fearfilled face as she nodded "y-yes.." He nodded and stepped back, the fire creeping on him like a stalking predator, it's deadly claws outstretched. He cringed. Fire hurt. He looked up to the glittering, starry sky, a feeling of peace resting on him. The edges of his mouth lifted in the faintest of smiles "whenever you see a lone sparrow, think of me, eh?" He saw Breeze nod, even though a single tear ran down her furry face. Onyx sat straight against the ripping flames. It hurt. a lot. He watched as amber filled his vision, Breeze's figure fading out of sight. It seemed time began to slow. He could hear his heart pulse in his ears. He looked up into the sky and saw starry faces come towards him. The sly face of Sparrow, the teasing grin of Forgotten. He gave a final cry into the night; the final howl of a lone wolf. And as he heard his name being called faintly from the distance, he saw the ones he loved gather, their steps light and their faces aglow. And Onyx was finally home.