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Omenlight Blu


"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.."

-Margaret Thatcher

General Information
Omenlight And Topazpelt Pixel Art Ripple
Status Active/Alive
AJ User(s) Furryfriend33140/


Wikia User FrostyLeSnowMan
Character Information
Age 36 Moons
Gender Male (Him/His/He)
Affliction CrescentClan
Rank Co-Sinister (Deputy)
Adolescent N/A
Relationship Topazpelt
Sexuality Pansexual Pixelish Flag
Realm Light
Additional Information
Desired Rank N/A
Birth Date March 27th, 2017
Birth Place
The Tribe
Death Date tba..
Death Place tba..
Breed Turkish Angora
Theme Song
Blue plants by spectrum chan-dbeyjg1


The Beginning..

"Well," was the first word he ever heard. "They're beautiful. They're absolutely beautiful. My boys.. My triplets." Omenlight was the runt and the youngest of the three. And like said, he was a triplet. His brothers were Almond and Prophecy and they all had the exact same pelt. But one thing was different for each kit. Almond's eyes were a beautiful lavender color that Omen would soon learn to be jealous of. Prophecy's eyes were a shy emerald color that Omen would soon love. And Omen's eyes were a baby blue, which he wasn't so fond of. Omen was born in the medic den of a group that everyone called The Tribe. His mother was Calypso, a beautiful grey and blue she cat who looked nothing like the three brothers. His father, on the other hand, was named Tempest's Wrath. He was a weird looking tom, but Omen has little memories of him. The brothers had one sister who's name was Sunpaw, but she was a couple moons older than them. Sunpaw was there for their birth, unlike their father. Styx was the leader of the group, but Omen never had a chance to meet the cat. Omen was special, in his own way, his personality spiking right at the start. Twigheart, the reaper and third in command of The Tribe, was also there for the birth of the triplets. Twigheart loved the three already and she dreamed of growing close to them. But tides changed for the island tribe..


The infection was the first scary thing Omen saw. It took countless lives, including his mother's and a few of his close friends. He doesn't remember much, but he truly remembers Twigheart taking the four siblings and a few others across the island. He didn't know how he would end up across the entire ocean and how he would land among a group called CrescentClan, which was lead by an older female called Slystar. Twigheart hit it off from the start, she knew what she was doing. She quickly became the all around trusted deputy. "Omenpaw," as she would say. "I'm going to look after you. I'll look after you and your brothers and I'll help Sunstreak look after you. You're going to be just fine, Omenpaw. I promise you.. I promise." And this proved to be true. Omenpaw hit it off in Crescentclan.. And he quickly realized he wasn't like the others.. He didn't like the she cats his brothers did.. No, he liked a tom.


"He's the only one! But I'm not sure if he likes me.." Omenpaw often noticed the older tom staring at him, and Omen couldn't help but blush. He'd fallen for this gruesome tom with the scars and the dark pelt. Omenpaw knew he was in trouble. Prophecypaw and Almondpaw might not understand him.. But he always spoke to Tiger. Twigheart didn't know what to think, as she was bisexual and had hit it off before, but her heart was crushed by another she cat and she remained asexual from then on. Omenpaw's father supported him and often times offered to help his son get closer. Sunstreak, too, helped Omenpaw. But, it didn't work out..


When Twigheart was demoted, it was the thing that made her fall. Twigheart was always like a mother to Omenpaw, but now she was insane. She grew depressed and rather suicidal and once she was demoted, she left CrescentClan, taking Omenpaw with her. Omen would never see Tempest's Wrath, or Almondpaw again and it would take moons until he would see Prophecypaw or Sunstreak again. Twigheart and Omenpaw seemingly disappeared for several moons, only appearing again when they were found. Omenpaw was now named Omenlight, as Twigheart named him after she finished training him. Omenlight was around 27 moons when he joined CrescentClan again. But this time, it was much different.

New and Improved

When Omenlight joined CrescentClan, it was a brand new clan. He quickly met several others, including his soon to be best friend, Snickerpaw, and his soon to be mentor, Boneriver. Everything was going well for him again. He was with Twigheart and he was happy. But one thing was wrong. His father, and his two brothers, had both disappeared from CrescentClan. None have been found to this day. To make things worse, Deerspots, Snickerpaw's mentor, left Crescentclan and Omenlight's own mentor seemingly disappeared after he became deputy. Omenlight was heartbroken. That was until someone found him.


"There she is, Lilackit! Just, look at her.. I want her to be mine.." Omenlight would often stare at this white munchkin feline, smiling at her like usual. But the tom was shy, and he wouldn't speak up. He knew that Snickerpaw, his current apprentice liked him, but Omenlight couldn't help but lean more towards this female. Eventually, Snickerpaw was promoted and turned into Snickerwhisper, leaving Omenlight with no apprentice. Both reapers soon decided to open reaper try outs, and from that, two apprentices were chosen. Omenlight chose Topazpelt and Snickerwhisper chose Kestrelheart. The two were trained to perfection, and soon after being promoted, Omenlight expressed his feelings towards the beautiful she cat. Omenlight was a nervous wreck, but he did it. The two quickly became mates and fell in love sooner than ever. Omenlight was shocked when he found out, moons later, that Topazpelt was expecting.

The kits..

Just wait till they're born..

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Favorable Traits

Loving | Humble | Humorous | Loyal

Neutral Traits

Judge-mental | Alert | Shy | Over-Thinker

Opposing Traits

Fearful | Anxious | Nervous | Uptight

Summary on Favorable Traits

Omenlight considers himself as an incredibly loving and caring tom cat, and it's true! He absolutely loves all of his friends and family and he always puts them first, no matter what. He's always there to make them laugh when they're upset, and most of all, he's loyal. For example, the tom would never leave his mate. He loves her dearly and he would do anything for her, and their kits.

Summary on Neutral Traits

Omenlight might be loving, but at first, he's down to judge a feline. He's always afraid of felines who look almost tougher than he is, as he's worried that they'll hurt him or his family. So, he usually keeps an eye on the newbie for a few days. He wouldn't dare say anything, however. He doesn't want to put himself in harms way. So, when he does go to say something, he usually plans ahead and lists out all the pros and cons.

Summary on Opposing Traits

Omenlight is down right afraid of almost anything and everything. He has lots and lots of fears, causing him to be uptight about a few things. He's nervous for his kits to go out, and when they do, he's always grumpy or he prefers to keep an eye on them. Something could easily happen to them if he isn't there to protect them with whatever he has!

Goals and Fears


♧ means achieved

♣ means un-achieved

♣ Become less anxious

♧ Become Superior Reaper

♧ Get a mate

♣ Start a family

♣ Don't let anyone down

♧ Become trusted

♣ Find his family

♣ Find some new life-saving plant

♧ Create white and black paint


Snakes and spiders

Any bugs

Thunder and Lightning

Rock coated mountains

Bigger animals

Bears and Foxes

Dangerous herbs

The list goes on..


Physical Health

Omen's physical health remains neutral. He doesn't often show it, but his body is not good at fighting infections. He's sick within every season change for a good four days. But besides that, he remains healthy.

Emotional Health

Although Omen's a worrier, at this point in time, he's doing alright. He knows he has a family that's coming along and he's a lot stronger now because of his mate.

Learning Style

Omenlight had two mentors. One of his mentors was Twigheart, who trained him in some self defense, but nothing else. His other mentor was Boneriver, who taught him the basics about being a reaper. Besides that, he goes on instinct.



















Blue plants by spectrum chan-dbeyjg1




     Top Coat

     Under Coat






5.7 pounds, less than the average adult Turkish Angora due to him being the runt of the litter.


Around 4.5 inches to his shoulder. He's not incredibly tall, but he makes up for it.


Turkish Angora (98%) Unknown (2%)

Pelt Summary

Omenlight is a small Turkish Angora tom with an off white top coat that blends in with the snow and has a silky touch to it. His undercoat is a beautiful cream color that is only seen in small amounts on his chin, chest, stomach, and tail tip. The underside of his tail is also painted in this cream color. Omenlight is often complimented on his eyes, as they're a light, pale blue in color. He's also proud of the fact that he has no scars. Omenlight also has a very small build. He's actually quite thin and has well-kept long fur. More than not, he's wearing a light blue flower crown. This flower crown was given to him at a young age and he does his best to replace the flowers when they pass.


None so far!


High pitched, and soft. Omen often has a calming touch to his voice.


Omenlight's smell is very faint, but he smells like fresh cut grass and rain.

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"This World Is Too Big."

"Love, I'd really like it if you just stopped."

"Finally! I get to paint!"

"You're so beautiful, Topazpelt.."

"I had been born as the runt of the litter in a tribe where no one knew the name. From the start.. Everything was different than it is now. I was born in the Jungle. On an island surrounded by water.. A beautiful sea of a beautiful blue... I'll never know how Twigheart got me across to where I am now.. But I'm thankful. Now, my beautiful kit, you're the runt of the litter. You're like me.. Small and fragile. But you'll be strong one day.. I surely hope and believe. You have my pelt colors.. the cream and the white. It looks better on you then it does me. And your beautiful blue eyes are priceless, my love. I'm going to name you Seakit after your eyes. They remind me of the ocean.. The beautiful sea. The sea that kept me alive. Kept my tribe alive. You'll be amazing one day, Seakit. I know you will."

"My last son. You're beautiful in a different way. You're different.. but special. My beautiful son.. You already mean so much to me. I promise you, I'll take care of you. I promise. I know you don't know it yet, but your name has lots of meaning. Twigheart, my foster mother, was a kitty pet in her younger years. She described so many different things but one of the things I remembered the most was dust. She told me that the dust covered every untouched object and surface in her kitty pet nest. I found it amazing. How could one thing cover so many different things? You, Dustkit, were named after the way dust covers something and changes how it's seen. I hope you'll bring the good out in people. But don't be swept aside, my son. You're beautiful. Your pelt is like mine and my father's.. And your fur is like your mother's and my mother's. Your eyes are beautiful.. The perfect cyan like your mother's. My son, you are another star in my universe. Another planet. Welcome to the world, Dustkit."

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Relationship Status

Omenlight is happily taken and in a strong, loving relationship with his beautiful mate, Topazpelt. He loves her dearly, and they're going to be parents soon!



Sexual Orientation

Pansexual (55% Female, 25% Male, 20% Other)

Mental Attractions

Omenlight is currently and has always been attracted to felines who have different main personality traits than him. He's attracted to rather serious felines. He also loves the sassiness and how fiesty some felines are. He's attracted to sassy and loving females and he's attracted to strong and powerful toms. But, he doesn't mind if one has an unidentified gender.

Physical Attractions

Omenlight is attracted to muscular toms and small females. Once again, he doesn't care if the feline has an unidentified gender, he'll still love them! However, he does love long pelts and of almost any color. He prefers patterns or some sort of other color to go along with the other's pelt, solid colors to him are boring. He's mostly into dark, navy blue eyes, lilac colored eyes, and soft green eyes. He also prefers someone with little to no scars.

Turn offs

Omenlight isn't attracted to the beggers, or any cockiness. He isn't into rude and unloyal behavoir, and a lot of flirting. And he isn't into compliments.


Well... let's just say he's experienced.

Felines attracted to Omenlight


Felines Omenlight is attracted to

Topazpelt, and Topazpelt only.


[Cannon] Topazpelt X Omenlight (Topazlight/Omenpelt), [Ship] Snickerwhisper X Omenlight (Snickerlight/Omenwhisper), [Ship] Tigerclaw X Omenlight (Tigerlight/Omenclaw)

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Bullet Guide

This bullet guide came from the xxslystarxx's wikia and credit has been given below.

Bulletpink.gif //Slight Crush

Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif //Crush

Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif //Love

Bulletred.gif //Trust

Bulletred.gifBulletred.gif //Envy

Bulletred.gifBulletred.gifBulletred.gif //Regret

Bulletorange.gif //Like

Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif //Respect

Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif //Idolize

Bulletyellow.gif //Slight curiosity

Bulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gif //Major curiosity

Bulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gif //Interested

Yellowgreenbullet //Shy

YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet //Nervous

YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbullet //Discomfort

Bulletgreen.gif //Acquaintance

Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif //Friend

Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif //Close Friend

Turquoisebullet.png //Unease

Turquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.png //Disgust

Turquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.png //Aversion

Bulletblue.gif //Wants to get to know

Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif //Misses

Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif //Can’t bear without

Bulletpurple.gif //Relatives

Bulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif //Family

Bulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif //Joined at the hip

Bulletwhite.gif //Slightly Suspicious

BulletwhiteBulletwhite.gif //Very Suspicious

Bulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gif //Distrusts

Bulletblack.gif //Annoyed By

Bulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif //Dislike

Bulletblack.gifBulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif //Hate

Dead-0.png //Dead

Question-0.png //Missing/Status Unknown

Rose.gif //Family

Heart-1.gif //Mate

Roseblack.gif //Fling/Ex-Mate

Credit goes to Apricate for this guide. It has recently been updated to fit the xxslystarxx wiki. It's been adapted from other pages as well.


Character [Username]-|Relationship based on bullet points

"Description of feelings on the character (from Omenlight's perspective)."


Prophecywish [Tribulations]-|Rose.gifBulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"Last time I saw him was right before I left CrescentClan.. He was just like me, pelt and all. I miss him and I hope he's okay.."

Almondmilk [Bøttlecap]-|Rose.gifBulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletwhite.gif

"I haven't seen Almondmilk in forever! I know he stayed in CrescentClan with Prophecywish after I left with Twigheart.. But I don't know where he is. He's the other third to the triplet set! I hope he's okay."

Sunstreak [Halecat]-|Rose.gifBulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"Sunny! She's annoying. But she's the only real family I got left. Being my sister, she's a bit bossy.. Maybe that's just because she's older than me.. Oh well!"

Calypso [Disjecta]-|Rose.gifDead-0.pngBulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gifYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletBulletblue.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletwhiteBulletwhite.gif

"I never really got to know my mother, as she was always away tending to the others or helping in battles. But I guess she was an okay mom."

Tempest's Wrath [Beenalongtime]-|Rose.gifQuestion-0.pngBulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gifYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletTurquoisebullet

"I really only met my father twice, and I heard about him from a loner by the name of Coldbreath. He was never around for me when I was a kit. I wonder where he is right now.."

Topazpelt [Fuzz100]-|Heart-1.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"Topazpelt? Oh my.. She's my everything. My whole world! That cat means the world to me and I would do anything for her. I love her with all my heart. She's beautiful and funny and I love her personality.. She makes me melt with every word.. And I bet the kits will be just like her."

Gulfkit [Potatios]-|Rose.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletred.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"My first born son. He reminds me of my own father, in an odd way. But I would do anything for Gulfkit. That stubborn kit."

Dustkit [Inkygenlophys74]-|Rose.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletred.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"Dustkit is so similar to myself. But he's the better me. He might be shy and he might worry about a lot of things, but so do I. And I love him so much."

Chivekit [tba]-|Rose.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletred.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif


Seakit [Howlingtiger]-|Rose.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletred.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif



Snickerwhisper [Howlingtigerxx]-|Bulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif

"My best friend! Snickerwhisper's got my back like no one else and I couldn't thank him enough. He's amazing! But he's also got to handle the giving birth thing for the soon to be mothers around here! Ha!"

Kestrelheart [drago559]-|Bulletorange.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletblue.gif

"I don't know Kestrel well, and I hope to learn more. I just know that he's very talented and Snickerwhisper did a great job chosing him as his apprentice."

Twigheart [furryfriend33140]-|Bulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletblue.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"She's like a mother to me, really. Twigheart is there for me no matter what. I go to her when I can't find Snickerwhisper or Topazpelt.. She took care of me and my brothers and my sister when we needed it most. I do love Twigheart."

Impstar [Xxslystarxx]-|Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletyellow.gifYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletBulletgreen.gifTurquoisebullet.pngBulletwhite.gif

"I'm worried that our leader has something hidden. Something she doesn't want to show, something she's scared to show. Twigheart and I see it in her. But I can't help but become more and more curious within the minutes.."

Milkshake [xripplex]-|Bulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif

"Milkshake! Oh my goodness she's so kind! Milk is super serious when she needs to be and she's a kit when she wants to be. I look up to her and I hope that I won't let her down. She's great, she really is."

Cobrafang [xxskyflarexx]-|YellowgreenbulletYellowgreenbulletTurquoisebullet.pngBulletblue.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif

"I don't know how I feel about this tom.. Topazpelt isn't a huge fan of him, and I stick with my mate no matter what.. But something's off about him."

Sandfeather [Potatios]-|Bulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif

"Sandfeather is a dork. She's a total weirdo and she acts like an old apprentice. But we love her just the same!"

Doveflight [Coolcat71027]-|YellowgreenbulletBulletgreen.gifBulletblue.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletblack.gif

"Sure, some cats might not like him, and I might not be a huge fan, but I can see some light hidden in him.. Except, recently he's becoming more and more dark.. It scares me."

Windpaw [halecat]-|Bulletgreen.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gif

"Where is she?"

Pinepaw [Howlingtigerxx]-|Bulletgreen.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gif

"I don't know where she went. She disappeared when her sister and mother did.. I hope she's okay.."

Lilacpaw [furryfriend33140]-|Bulletred.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif

"This tom is such a weirdo! He's like another brother to me, though and I love him just the same! He's got his eye out for someone now that Windpaw isn't here.. I hope that he makes the right choices.."

If you want your oc to be added, ask in the comments!

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