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Odyssey's quote.Edit

" I not the tallest, I am fast but not the fastest, I don't domiate my enemies by indimating them".

" Try me, size doesn't matter today".

Odyssey appearanceEdit

Odyssey is a tan she-lion with a white under belly and a darker brown spots. Odyssey is smaller then averge and is often made fun of it, don't be fooled. Odyssey could easily find your weakness and win a fight. Odyssey has 4 inch teeth and 4 inch claws and a bite force of 1900. Odyssey is a young American lion, being only 3 years old. Odyssey is fast for a american lion. The adaption changes forced her to learn how to run faster, plus making her stronger. Odyssey also has a scar on her side and her neck due to a male american lion. Odyssey is a better fighter then Hunter and will not be afraid to fight a short face bear or smildion fatalis.

Odyssey PersonaityEdit

Odyssey is a attuide, grumpy, and Hostile she-lion. Odyssey is a she-lion that doesn't want to be distrubed in her sleep, Odyssey attuide is what makes her seem like a extremely rude she-lion, but she is loyal to her friends and will scarfice herself for them. Odyssey is a very ruthless, logical, and savage american lion.

Odyssey's pastEdit

Odyssey past isn't a easy one, being the runt of the litter, she was other bullied by her littermates and other pride members. Until when a  3 young adult males invaded when she was a young teen, they took over the Pride after killing her father. Odyssey and her sisters was spared there life, due to they was female. Odyssey said to be the future mate of the dominant male, but the day she was to accept him instead she fought him. Odyssey after a long battle manage to get the male to leave her alone. Odyssey escaped the males and her birth pride, to be a loner for a while. Odyssey stayed near her pride territory until a major climate change hit the land, the males died and she witness the pride fall. Odyessy then left, finding bisons, fighting off dire wolves, sabre toothes and short faces bears. Odyssey became a 


Odyssey as a cub( Who knew a cute cub could be such a vicious cat)

lone lion, romaning the area, following deer herds and bisons. Odyssey meet Chaotise one day, during a search for prey. Odyssey and Chaotise became friend and a while after the canines in sanguine was started mates.

Later to Odyssey horror, Chaotise was ended( in real life). Odyssey is also believed to be expecting Chaotise cubs, but the claim is denied. Odyssey is currently in grief for Chaotise.