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Appearance Edit

Silver is a Brown , Black and tan She-wolf with greyish/yellowish Eyes. Sometimes her eyes reflect yellow , grey or both for some weird reason no one can explain.

Silver 1
Top picture = Unrealistic Silver. Bottom picture is realistic Silver.
Realistic silver 2


Flaws And Strengths Edit

Flaws: Edit

She has major anger issues and sometimes can come off rude.

She does not have the best sight, It runs through her family.(On her dad's side)

Threaten or insult her friends , her or her family it might lead to a fight and WILL be taken seriously , Even if you were joking.

Strengths: Edit

She is a good hunter and loves to go on patrols. She is also Very loyal to her pack.



Basic Info Edit

Pack: N/A
Theme song: N/A
OC Age: 1 year (Grown)
Grey wolf

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes: Edit


Dislikes: Edit

Silver dislikes threats , most humans and intruders. She also H A T E S pointless battles. She also dislikes enemy packs.


Friends Edit

( Add yourself to here if i know you and if you think we are friends )


-Finch(Half sis)



-Nova (Adopted Brother)




Family Edit

O = Oc that I , friend or family member made. NOT on aj. T = On aj.

I have a such a big family.

Wind (Female) O Sister 9 months Black wolf with white belly and ice blue eyes.
Ice (Male) O Brother 1 year Light grey wolf with white belly and ice blue eyes.
Blaze (Female) O Sister 1 year Albino wolf. (Part blind ; White wolf with red eyes.)
Finch (Female) T Half Sister 15 months (1 year 3 months) Tan wolf with black belly and green eyes.
Selima (Female) O (Credit to finch) Mother Deseasced Black wolf.
Scar (Male) O Father Deseasced Dark grey,black and white wolf with yellow eyes. Had many scars.
Sky (Male) T Nephew (Mother=Finch) Pup Brown and light brown pup.
Nova (Male) T Adopted brother Warrior Dark blue and black wolf with green eyes.
Wise (Male) O Uncle (Brother to Scar) Unknown Age White, grey paws, green eyes and scar on right eye.
DireWOOF lol

Story Edit

Silver and her three siblings, Wind,Blaze and Ice were born in early spring.Their mother Selima Broke up with a male called Runner for a short month before coming back to him. When she left us after 1 month me and my siblings were raised by our father Scar.Scar soon found a lost Trainee he named Nova. Scar soon died right before Selima and Runner's daughter Finch went lost.Selima moved me and my siblings in with Runner. We were so scared. Every night Runner would abuse us saying '' Worthless half pup runts!'' And hit us with is mighty paw. Soon My 4 other siblings went to find a different pack from the one I was looking for. We Had a big goodbye feast before we left each other to split up for packs.I soon found a pack called the Pack of Shadowed Paws. And I soon met my half sister Finch in the pack.I also found my adopted brother Nova later.


Quotes and Jokes Edit

Im not a wolf in sheep's clothing.Im a wolf in wolf's clothing.~Ricky Gervais

All species capable of grasping this fact manage better in the struggle for existence than those which rely upon their own strength alone: the wolf, which hunts in a pack, has a greater chance of survival than the lion, which hunts alone.~Christian Lous Lange

Rivals/Enemies Edit

Any enemy packs or rival wolves.

Willow/Duskstar , im leader of twilightclan. Reason: Spreading lies/Insulting my friend/Vandalizing

Fan art + screenshots Edit


Silver art 2 thanks! (chibi silver)
Silver art 1 thank you!


Silver , Finch , Nova (Sibling power XD)

Screenshot hi