" Fear is like a Ghost that haunts your mind... You can challenge it or let it show your true weakness.." Edit

Meet Nereza
  • Nereza
  • ~Roar~
  • Nereza Snarling
  • Akane { Panther }& Nereza { snow leopard } " We shall Fight as One "
  • Feisty Girl
  • Nereza's Good friend Cryptic aka Deci <3
  • Nereza's Sister Astra
  • Nereza and Astra Playing, Astra: Get dat paw outta mah face! Nereza: Shut up Sister! or it won't come off!

Name- Nezera

Nicknames- Nez Nezy 

Use- Criimson

Gender- Female

Moons- 19 moons

Breed- Snow leopard (( darker/ lighter flecks ))


  • Black Widow
  • Dark Horse
  • Bad Blood

> >Contact Nereza< < Edit

Aj Use- Criimson

xxScarlifeexx- Wiki

> > Family < < Edit

Farther- Unknown

Mother- Unknown


Sister- Astra { Decimal }

Cousins- Unknown

Mates- None

Kits/Pups- None

Past clans/packs/tribes- Bloodclan, Pack of shadows, Pack of the Bloody Demises

Former mates- Scourge/Akane (Roodborstje/Connectings), ???? ( shadow800 )

Quotes from her-

" Look into my eye's and see if you can spot the true assassin in me.. "

" Death is all a cat can wish for, They will have an eternal life with their ancestors

" My true-self is like mist, It will forever stalk your path.. "

" I may not look like much.. But in War i can give you scars... Scars you will always remember... "

Character Description Edit


Nereza has a sleek grey/white topping with a pure white and hints of cream muzzle. She Also has clever eyesight that can detect anyone who dares ambush her including with sharp dagger-claws with hints of blood carved within They can easily rip a cats/canines throat clean open.

She has a large tail that can send cats flying with on beat, Strong paws that help her in rocky situations and a sleek slim outline. She has good sense of smell and good listening.

Animal Jam Dress Code Edit

Top Colour

Light Grey

Bottom Colour



GrimClan Patterns- 6




Spike { Gifted by Chika Of Thistle clan }


Blue Rare Elf Armor


Elf Bracelets



Current Pack/clan and Tribe Edit

Current pack/clan: EndlessClan { Communicating }

Her effective moves- Due to her life training when she was an apprentice Nereza can easily detect the weakness of someone. Beware of her in battle because lets say.... One Strike your a goner.

Personality Edit

. Moody

. Sassy ( rarely )

. Cold


. Serious ( she won't take jokes seriously )

. Skillful

. Stealthy

. Likes hiding in the snow x3

. a bit of a russian accent

. Strong

> > Friends & Foes < < Edit

  • Akane/Scourge { Roodborstje/ Connectings }
  • Shadow800 ( can't remember name )
  • Zima { AnitaBonita }
  • Banzai/ BanBan { Galaxies7 }
  • Risingstar { Communications }
  • Ivy ( can't remember use )
  • Rika { JUNE9002 }
  • Cedar { MelinaBelina }
  • Dakota { can't remember use }
  • Chii
  • Amaya

Nereza's Enemies

  • Darkstar { Wolfnicco }

Nereza's powerful attack moves

Tail- Strike: Even though she is a snow leopard she has very strong tail, One strike can send you flying

Skinning- Nereza calls this skinning because she needs to pin the enemy down with her weight and bite to their nape ( neck ) before tossing them onto jagged sharp stones

Assassin- During winter This is perfect for Nereza as she can show her most powerful move. She will stalk up her enemy without a single sound coming before pouncing and killing them with one blow

Claw- Her claws are dagger sharp with tints of blood along. Her claws can pierce the flesh of a cat which makes it easier for her to reach the windpipe.

Kick to the ribs- She can show an apprentice this- She will run around her opponment making them very dizzy before coming to the side of them and kicks her strong hind-legs into their side, which can break some ribs.

Dislocated Jaw- Simular to the kick to the Ribs but much more powerful. For her strong shoulders while making them weak she will slam her shoulders into the cats/canines Jaw which will dislocate and make it hearder for them to speak nor bite

Whip- If her tail strike doesn't work she can whip the enemy with her tail. If she hits to hard she can knock you out

> > Status < < Edit


Alive/Dead- Alive

Leadership- 50%

Strength- 66%

Stealth- 99.5%

Fighting- 99.5%

Hunting- 100%

Herbs- 50%

Loyalty- 100%

serious- 85%

calm- 45% ( short-tempered )

Flexible- 89%



~ Likes ~

  • Snow
  • Raiding/defending
  • Serious situations
  • Climbing mountains
  • Staying with her clan/pack
  • Defending her friends
  • Being known
  • Rivers

~ Dislikes ~

  • Kittypets
  • Being Ignored
  • Threatened
  • Randomly Attacked
  • Drama
  • Does Not Like Floods


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