Name: Mika

Nicknames: Mira, Meeks


AJ Username: WillowWhisker

Wikia Username: WillowWhiskerAJ

Breed: Silver Snow Bengal

Gender: Female 

Age: 10 moons

Class: Warrior

Group/Clan/Pack: ForestClan (Leader: Forbidstar.)

Appearance: Edit

Height: 7 inches

Status: Active

Pelt: Silver tabby with tabby stripes, white streaks and dark paws.

Eyes: A light cerulean, with icy flecks.

Scars: None.

Voice: Bubbly and Sarcastic, Sweet, yet firm.

Other: Satined fur, slightly tufted ears, longer than average tail, delicate paws, abnormally small.

Relations Edit

Mother: Orbitgaze (F)[StrongSierra]

Father: Greytail (M)[Galaxyofwonders]

Mate/Crush/Future Mate: Bracken (M)

Offspring: None Yet.

Siblings: Vapor (M)[Gray71], Taz (M)[50do112]

Personality Traits:Edit

  • Lively/Bubbly: Mika is very cheerful towards her clan-mates and quite eager.
  • Brave/Audacious: She will stop at nothing to protect her clan-mates.
  • Sassy: Mika will not refrain from being cheeky and sarcastic, and even talk back.
  • Curious: Mika always wants to know what is going on and tends to stick her nose in your business. 
  • Helpful: Mika will always assist her clan-mates and help them in times of need.
  • Independent: Mika will usually go by her own direction, and is far from inferior; more of a leader.
  • Impulsive: Mika tends to act before thinking, which can put her in uncomfortable situations.



  • Mika is very taunting towards enemies and will usually tease them, as well as let her bad side show.
  • Although able to escape situations easily with a lithe figure, she is nothing against brute force.
  • She doesn't always acknowledge outcomes and usually talks/acts before thinking.


  • Mika has a very sassy attitude, which comes with bad and good.
  • She has a natural instinct for defense and debates well.
  • Mika is very curious, which could get her in trouble, but also allows her to spot suspicious activity.


  • She is very eager to step in and assist.
  • Mika is brave and loyal, willing to do anything for her clan-mates.
  • Mika is very lithe and dainty, therefore able to outrun most adversaries.



Other Versions


  • Joking Around
  • Training 
  • Spending time w/ friends
  • Fish and Mice as prey
  • Sparring/Training
  • Sunbathing
  • Taking walks


  • Being in confined spaces with many other cats
  • Lizards + Frogs (prey) 
  • Drama/Unnecessary battles
  • Being alone
  • Fires
  • Being disliked or talked negatively about


~ Heights

~ Fire

~ Drowning

~ Being separated from clan-mates

~ Making an unforgivable mistake

~ Failing/Not succeeding

~ Being Judged/Hated

Friends: Edit

- Orbit

- Batwing

- Ocean

- Orchid

- Bracken

- Timberfur

- Forbid

- Crookedstream

- Kendall

This is only who I could immediately think of. ouo