Pure evil only comes by corrupting something Pure good
Red wolfpup

Itami and his sister

NAME Itami
AGE 2 Moons
PACK none
Full itami

Fully grown Itami

SPECIE Gray wolf ( Canis lupus )
FAMILY: Adoptive Mother- Bahari;
MATE none
Status: Inactive

Appearance Edit

No one knows why,but Itami's pelt is crimson colored,with light brown and white underbelly and brown,moon-shaped spots. His cold,wise,red eyes will look at you,trying to figure out who you are.

Personality Edit

Itami most of the time is calm and serious. Near his family and friends he is caring,playful,friendly and protective. When it comes to enemies,Itami won't show any mercy and won't forgive. He has his own belief in good and bad.

Backstory Edit

Itami born in cruel wolf pack. After a moon he escaped when his father went blank and tried to kill him after killing his own mate and Itami's sisters.

He ran as fast as how a little pup could and suddenly stopped near a large stream,where he fell and dissapeared in pain and darkness. He woke up in the cave,covered in moss. Soon he found out that he was saved by elder traveler. Itami never knew his name,he just said to call him Wolf. Few moons Wolf and Itami traveled together. But most of time Wolf spent explaining Itami difference between good and bad. One day Itami crawled out of his cave and didn't saw Wolf in his usual spot. He followed his scent and found him dead near the same stream...

Itami padded deeper in forest,lost in his thoughts. Suddenly the pup was pinned to ground as a large she-wolf snapped at him. ' Who are you and why are you in my packs territory ' - she growled. Itami quickly,but without fear explained who he is and that is here by mistake. Then Gore,the leader of The Hollows pack brought the large pup to camp. The place was dark and spooky,but the canines were friendly to each other,like a family. Soon he was taken care of Bahari,a strong and brave she-wolf and by now he calls her mother. He is happy here and will be a loyal and caring member.

Likes Edit

  • The stars
  • Spending time with his pack
  • Night
  • Full moon
  • ending traitors
  • learning
  • sleeping

Dislikes Edit

  • Liars
  • Traitors
  • Cats
  • Cold weather
  • Fish