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Character Information
Nicknames Darth Vader, Darkie, Dark, Darla, Darls, Vlad, D, Taka, V
Born June 12th 2010
Age 96 moons/8 Years
Species Felis Catus
Breed Norwegian Forest Abyssinian mix
Gender Tom
Orientation Bi-sexual
Mate Fadefall (Seacseal)
Current Clan AbyssClan
Current Rank Leader
Previous Clans ShadowClan, FrostClan, Starlit Canines,Abyssmal Terrors,Faded memories,  and StormClan
Previous Ranks Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Senior Warrior, Deputy and Leader
Religious Belief StarClan
Roleplay Traditional/Descriptive/Advanced
Status Alive & Active

Oakwhisper(Deceased), Rocktalon(Deceased), Spottedstar(Deceased), Darkmoon(Deceased), Wingedleaf(Deceased), Shadowtstar/Toren(Alive), and Lightstar/Amali(Alive.

Current Apprentices Sweetpaw, Coldpaw, Ashenpaw, Mysticpaw
Previous Apprentices To many to count
Creator Information
Creator Darkstar (Fox0107)


Leadership- 8/10



Speed- 7/10








Social Skills-9/10

Nine Lives- 7/9

General InformationEdit

Name: Darkstar

Previous Names: Darkfang, Darkleaf, Darkwhisker, Darkshadow, Vladimir, Takahashi.

Username: fox0107.

Creds to seacseal for the info box coding>

Family RelationsEdit

Male=M     Female= F   

Grandparents: Sunnytail-F-(Deceased), Sinoa Akeli F, Brutus Akeli M.

Parents: Toren Akeli M, Amali Akeli F.

Adopted Parents: Hauntedstar-M-(Deceased), Hawntalon-F-(Deceased)

Siblings: Silentmelody-M, Grasskit-M-(Deceased), Waterlily-F-(Deceased), Yukiko Animaru-F, Riech Tali- M, Firebloom-M-(Deceased), Liliana Akeli-F

Adopted Siblings: Tornsoul-F-(Deceased),Scourge-M-(Deceased), Pumpkinberry-F, Tinyclaw-M, Shadow-M-(Deceased), Russetfeather-M-(Deceased), Echoflight-F-(Missing), Lionblaze-M-(Deceased), Hollyleaf-F-(Deceased), Jayfeather-M-(Deceased).

Uncles: Orangetail-M-(Deceased), Sicily Akeli-M

Aunt: Lightningsoul-F-(Deceased), Astrid Akeli-F

Cousins: Tallpine-M-(Deceased),Dovewing-F-(Deceased), Hawkflight-M-(Deceased), Moonstride-F-(Deceased)

Nieces: Wintermist-F-(Deceased)-Riech Tali, Ashtail-F-(Missing)-Scourge, Brindlenose-F-(Deceased)-Hollyleaf.

Nephews: Shrewpelt -M-Yukiko Animaru, Terran Animaru-M-(Deceased)-Yukiko Animaru, Talon Animaru-M-Yukiko Animaru, Scream Tali-M-Riech Tali

Mate: Fadefall-F

In Laws: Leopardberry -F-(Deceased), Fawnfeather-F-(Deceased), Copperwing-F-(Deceased), Anubis Animaru-M, Rora Tali-F

Previous Mates: Dawnbreeze-F-(Deceased), Lightspirit-F-(Deceased), Leafpool-F-(Deceased), Honeyfang-F-(Exiled), Bluefire-F-(Missing)

Name/Gender/Dead or alive/Mom

Children: Speckleddawn-F-(Deceased)-Dawnbreeze, Fangpaw-M-(Deceased)-Dawnbreeze, Crowfeather-M-(Deceased)-Lightspirit, Blackfur-M-(Deceased)-Lightspirit, Lionheart-M-(Deceased)-Lightspirit, Bluekit-F-(Deceased)-Lightspirit, Vineflower-F-Bluefire, Snowpaw-M-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Cloudsky-M-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Webwillow-M-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Badgerfang-M-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Snowstorm-F-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Poisonfang-M-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Ravenfeather-M-(Deceased)-Unknown Rogue, Brownheart-F-(Deceased)-Unknown Rogue, Lavenderpool-F-Fadefall, Kestrelfeather-M-Fadefall, Sunkit-M-Fadefall

Name/Gender/Dead or Alive/Mom

Adopted Children:Brackenpaw-M-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Rainsong-F-(Deceased)-Honeyfang, Nightgaze-F-Honeyfang, Dragonpelt-F-(Deceased)-None, Whitespot-M-(Deceased)-None, Hazelclaw-F-(Deceased)-None, Maplelily-F-(Deceased)-None, Rockshade-F-(Deceased)-None, Dovetail-F-(Deceased)-None, Springleaf-F-(Deceased)-None, Lightningpath-F-(Deceased)-None, Nightshadow-F-(Deceased)-None, Starpaw-F-(Deceased)-None, Moonpaw-F-(Deceased)-None, Blackwind-F-(Deceased)-None, Frostpaw-F-(Deceased)-None, Tawnykit-F-(Deceased)-None, Willowkit-F-(Deceased)-None, Pridekit-F-(Deceased)-None, Sandkit-F-(Deceased)-None, Forgottenkit-F-(Deceased)-None, Murai-F-(Deceased)-Fadefall, Reina-F-(Deceased)-Fadefall, Makia-F-(Deceased)-Fadefall, Finch-F-(Deceased)-Fadefall, Akira-F-(Deceased)-Fadefall, Inkpaw-M-Fadefall, Irispaw-F-Fadefall, Owlpaw-F-Fadefall, Orangekit-M-(Deceased)-Fadefall, Rosepaw-F-Fadefall, Gravelpaw-F-Fadefall, Brookepaw-F-Fadefall, Santo-M-Fadefall

Grandchildren: Poppyshade-F-(Deceased), Flintkit-M-(Deceased), Oakheart-F-(Deceased), Larkfang-M-(Missing)


(These are outside the clan)


Close ally and practically family, having previously been my niece at onepoint with another OC.


She is a former member of abyssclan and a friend


She was an important part of my life as an Abyssclan warrior, despite never having known it

Bae Squad: Edit


She has been my friend for a long time and has helped me in so many ways, she has helped to protect my clan and has gained my trust wholeheartedly


This person has helped me through hard times in life and has been there for a while, respects me as much as I respect them and have come to be a part of my family. 


She has cared for me despite the past having not always been kind between us, she has taught me many things and has given me the chance to see the world from a different view. I will forever remain grateful. 


She came to my aid in a time of need and never questioned my loyalty as her friend, I am grateful to her. 


(This is stuff based off of what the cats in my clan think of me, if you're in the clan and think something has been left out please comment or tell me on kik)

Based on a Test- ENFPA

Intelligent (Said by Fadefall)

Quite serious in a Nice way (Said by Tinyclaw)

Confident and Firm (Said by Tinyclaw)

Good under stressful situations (Said by Tinyclaw)

Natural Leader(Said by Fadefall)

Brave(Said by Fadefall)

Doesn't allow emotion to sway a decision (Said by Fadefall)

Caring (Said by Littlepaw)

Wise (Said by Littlepaw)

Dedicated(Said by Silentmelody

Protective(Said by Silentmelody

SAVAGE AF (Said by Lavenderpaw)

Dankest of all Memes (Said by Pumpkinberry)

A Good Parent (Said by half the clan)





Fresh moss







Cold water

Wet or Dirty moss





The Last Night- Skillet

Animal I Have Become- Three Days Grace

The Sound of Silence- Disturbed

My Version of a Heartbreak-Connor Maynard

Discord-The Living Tombstone

The end of an Empire-CellDweller

Gold-Vinyl Theater

Physical Characteristics

Simple Description

Pelt- Black and White speckles with varied shades of grey

Eyes- Light Blue

Nose- Pink with Black dots

Face- Black with varied shades of grey

Tail- Black with varied shades of grey and light grey tip

Paws- Dark grey toes with light grey speckles and black socks

Voice- Sam Elliot/Johnny Cash

Scent- Lilacs and fresh soil, occasionally like wet tree bark and the river bed. 

Scars- Multiple on his face and body

Height- 2 feet exactly

Weight-22 lbs

Build- Gangly but toned

In Depth

Pelt: A Midnight black base that slowly fades into a light grey at his chest, underbelly, and the fluff that sits on the top of his head along with his tail.

Eyes: Icy blue almost completely white, but has perfect eyesight.

Nose: Bright pink with small black speckles.

Face: A round black face with dark grey fluff surrounding the outline of his face, wisps of fluff between his ears crossing over his forehead and covering just in front of his eyes. He has light grey and slightly darker grey specks covering his face.

Body: The rest of his body is black except a patch of speckles dotting along the ridge of his spine, creating a starry night effect in his pelt.

Legs: Wisps of black fluff tipped with dark grey riding along the backs of his legs following up onto his elbows and fading into the black of his pelt.

Paws: Massive black paws with small light grey flecks on the very tips of his toes.

Tail: Long fluffy tail, the ends of the fur tipped in light grey that fade back into the black. Looks like a giant feather duster.

Scent: Earthly tones but mostly like lilacs due to them being a memory of his past, occasionally like wet tree bark and the river bed due to his nightly swims.

Voice: Sam Elliot or Johnny Cash, deep but rich in tone and soothing even without the intended affect.

Height: 2 feet exactly.

Weight: 22 lbs

Build: He has the height of the Abyssinian cat but has the muscle and weight build of the Norwegian forest cat and has the long fluffy fur of the Norwegian forest cat that turns sleek as it rests against his spine due to the short fur of the Abyssinian.

Scars: He has a pinkish white crescent shaped scar under his right eye from his first battle as an apprentice in Shadowclan. A large pinkish white scar crosses his muzzle in a straight line, crossing under both eyes from his first fight as Frostclan Leader. Two scars cross on either side of his large scar, never leaving the muzzle, from his first encounter with a badger as a medicine cat apprentice. Another set of scars move like patchwork along his chest, flank, and underbelly from his many battles as a Stormclan warrior/leader but remain barely noticeable due to the length of his fur.

Nine LivesEdit

1st life: His first life was given to the only cat he would ever claim his leader, Spottedstar. She gave him the ability to give second chances, to know that some times people make mistakes for reasons beyond our comprehension.</p>

2nd Life: This life was given to him by the she cat who first took his heart, Lightspirit. She gave him the ability to love unconditionally, to look beyond the past and love only for the future. 

3rd Life: This life was given to him by his closest friend, Frostfur. She gave him the ability to go beyond expectations, to show that just what you have to offer can be more than enough for the right people. 

4th Life: This life was given to him by his first son, Crowfeather. He gave him the ability to look beyond himself and see that he may feel like a monster on the inside but on the outside he will always be someone more. 

5th Life:This life was given to him by his mother, Lightstar. She gave him the ability to forgive, no matter the action. 

6th Life: This life was given to him by his first apprentice, Falconpaw. He taught him that even in old age you should always know that you will be young, because even in death you will be forever. 

7th Life: This life was handed to him by his niece, Littlemoon. She taught him that even though you aren't someones parent, they will still look up to you like you are one. 

8th Life: This life was given to him by his adopted mother, Talonscreech. All kits deserve love, even if they are not yours and even if they belong to someone who has done so much wrong in this world. 

9th Life: This last life was handed to him by a group so large it could easily fill the world, Stormclan. This clan taught him the meaning of life, gave him the will to live. 


Will be brief due to a History of myself on my quotev page which is linked here.

(Shadow Clan)

I was born a half clan cat in Shadow clan. My mother originated from Frostclan but joined Shadow clan after finding out she would be having my father, Shadowstars, kits. My mother left after we were born, leaving us with an adoptive mother named Talonscreech. I was the only one of the first litter to survive. My father forced me into early apprenticeship at 4 moons, barely old enough to think properly. At 6 moons I was made into a warrior, Darkfang. My father named me deputy at 8 moons after the death of his best friend. At 9 moons he left Shadow clan in my paws, expecting me to lead. At 11 moons we hunted him down and killed him, my mother, and my half siblings.

Darkkit, Darkpaw, Darkfang, Darkstar


After the death of my mother, the leader, I combined Shadowclan into Frostclan. At 13 moons I left the clan in search of something more, of something less dark.


(Starlit Canines)

I went by the name of Takahashi here. It was the reborn version of Shadow Clan as a pack of domestic felines. Shadowstar/Toren lead this group with my mother Lightstar/Amali. 

I was a head torturer and lead assassin.



I ran alone until I reached 14 moons, joining a pack briefly only for it to crumble within the same week. 


(Abyssmal Terrors)

I went by Minshka, later changing to my original pack name Takahashi, where I reclaimed my position as lead assassin and head torturer from Starlit Canines. 

Minshka, Takahashi

(Storm Clan)

This was my home from 2011 to 2015.

Darkkit, Darkpaw, Darkwhisker, Darkshadow, Darkstar.

(Abyss Clan)

I currently still reside in Abyssclan.



"I come in a world of Iron, to make a world of gold"- Dale Wasserman

'' No amount of love you throw at me will ever take my eyes from my clan, they are the only reason I still live'' -Darkstar

"Upset, i'm not upset. you have no idea how much pain i'm in. It's like being cut open everyday, bleeding onto the stones. I can't understand how any of you failed to see the blood"- Ashfur, Warrior cats.

"Love is pain in a world of hate"-Darkstar

"No matter the past between us, you never leave my mind. I go day after day with those I have now but those who had gone whether dead or alive will forever remain in my memory. Moving on isn't about forgetting it's about not making the same mistakes twice, and my mistakes will remain with me forever no matter how much I want to forget."-Darkstar

"I love them like my family, even if I may not know every little detail of their lives. They will always bemy family."-Darkstar

"My Clan is my family and the only thing I desire to protect. No matter our friendship, the love we hold, My Clan will always come before you. My clan holds my life just as I hold their hope. Nothing will come between that."-Darkstar

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