Introduction Edit

Cama, A monumental feminine, strolling along the plains, her tawny structure lowering, seeing a gemsbok, licking her black lips, her alabaster splattered structure adjusted upwards, her glenohumeral tensed, unsheathing her long, mangled claws, ripping into the gemsbok, its body feeling the laceration, as it begans staggering, shaking its rump, Cama chuckled, '' No you don't! '', ripping lower, and lower, and lower, down to the creatures flank, tearing off a long shred of thin, black, white, and tan pelage, the bloodied flesh plopping downwards, the terra now a russet, the animal yipped, its back legs smashing onto cama's chest, or so it thinks, she switches over, digging her long, tawny jaws into it's nape, the animal collapsing, cama licking her jaws, a faint word leaking from them, '' Dinner.. '' she sat back, the lunging her jaws into it, her muzzle now covered in scarlet, she continued eating, bite after bite, then, padding off, only the horns left..

Appearance Edit

A monumental, voluminous, colossal, belligerent, velutinous, feminine, her tawny body splattered with alabaster, her masculine like structure with a ivory under-pelt, slender, shiny pelage, her glucomatouses like ivory and tawny mixed, her masculine seeming body is very suprising, she even has a speck of mane on the back of her apex and legs, making her look more like a mix of the two, Her monumental body could easily take down nearly, well, anything, she's more stalwart then any feminine she's ever seen.

History Edit

Long once ago, atop the rock, stalking the plains, a large feminine, her body sluggish, they were coming soon.. '' raour! raour'! '' comes two small squeakers, they wiggle in the dirt, ash licks their small heads, '' Oh my, look at your legs! '' she spoke, one of her cubs with a wiggle of fur on the legs, their names?.. '' Streak.. And Cama '' The mother spoke, the father no where in sight, She sighed, then smiling, way to happy for sadness, '' Well, we better get going '', The mother spoke, chuckiling at the sight of her cubs mewing, picking them up by the scruff, leading them to her, '' Spot '', a cavern behind a few trees, prey easily spotted from the area, the front covered in tall grass, making herself nearly unseeable, the cub mewing lightly, her fluffy body rolled in the sandy cave, bones covering the sand, as cama and her brother smacked the sand happily, their blue eyes sparkled..

Personality Edit

Cama is a happy, sarcastic, silly, leopard-lion mix, she loves her clanmates, but she loves terrin like a sister, she will get pretty sad if you mention anything about, '' death '', its just something about her.