Family Edit

Mother: Froststar

Father: Nightstar

Sister: Pepper

Other sibling: Unknown

Grand parents: unknown

Moons Back StoryEdit

I slightly remember the camp I was once in and the smell of fear everywhere I turned, along with the yowls of cats and screams of the night. I learned to ignore the smells and sounds. I doubt I will never get over the internal scars and pain. This simple line takes me back to this dark place and the worst time. The smell and texture of something raw and haunting lurks along my pelt Blood. not my blood but one of my clan members, my sisters. I stares down toward as I notice the fear of death dance around her green eyes. "Please don't moon, we are family don't!" She winces low with my index claw in her neck I begin to talk to myself thinking This is the last thing, all you have to do is turn your claw. come on do it moon!! I quickly turn my claw splitting her embouchement. I watch as my little sister drowns in her own blood. My ears for the first time feel with the applauds and cheers of my fellow felines. where am I..? I ask myself be for looking around at the circle of logs around me with cats sitting on the shallow oaks. My green eyes catch sight of the one who im suppose to please, a massive black tom with his green eyes staring like daggers into mine. I gasp low feeling as if he is. He lungs for the log walking toward me the scent of blood and death rolling from him. His breath reeks of a much eviler substance my death. His smooth yet harmful voice flows like poison from his lips his alluring features exposed as he smiles "Moon, darling you have impressed me once again you have moved up on the chain.." I shiver as his tail touches my side as he turns. All of the once cheering cats silent by his words, he must of told the others he is going to kill me. I walk away my grey fur swaying in rhythm with my light foot steps, as I travel into the darkens of the trees.


Moon, is like the moon herself, she is wise and always willing to show up for a challenge of everyday rouge life. She is quiet yet harmful, you will never see her turn down a challenge no matter how big or small. She is also not scared to talk her mind she will always tell you if your wrong, even though she may realize that your right half way though the argument she will still hold her place do to her Pride. She is wise beyond her year only being 24 moons. I warn you nothing will stop her once she is ragging she will always find the hard way out of everything even her life.

Description Edit

A Normal sized Russian blue. Her pelt is a silky dapple grey her eyes being a ruby green with a hint of minty green. Her right ear is slightly torn from past fights.

clans.. Edit

Current: none

Past: Thunderclan (known as redstar or willowstar long ago)

Roleplay: Advance

Years of roleplay: 3years