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"Running with the wind is boring, but running with you is everything I dream of"
The wind briefly blew, its dull scent carrying the others. You felt as if you're being watched. "How silly of me" You'd thought, "I'm acting like a kit". Furthermore, you ventured along, unaware of the malevolent creature watching your every move. "Well well" Zane mewed malevolently, "Here we have another confident outclanner". The voice spoke with a firm but evil tone, as if it were lined with blood. You wrenched your head back, eyes narrowing with fury. "Who are you?" "What do you want with me"? You mewed shakily, your voice lined with worry and pure shame. "I can't reveal much, or I will hand you over the the clutch". "You don't make any sense" You yowled. "Sense I might not make, but pure havoc I can create". "Why are you rhyming?" "Tis the way I speak to others, for mother has tought me." "You make no sense, whatsoever, so quit it!" "Quit it I will not, I am the one who will mock." "Well,you're doing a good job at it!" You raced away, trying to get away from the strange creature. "Go away you are doing, foolish one you are being." It continued. "With a pelage that messy, a tail so crooked, might you come with me to find the never ending brook?" "Never ending brook?" "Yes, cat, I speak the truth". You turned and followed the scent of the cat. "Good, good, strange being, you have earned my trust." You watched the pitch black cat leap down from the high branches, landing elegantly onto the lavender grass. "I am Zane, watcher of the forests," "Nice to know. I'm (????)." "Follow me, (????), I will show you where this path will lead." After cycles of venturing, you reached a dark camp, the moon hadn't risen but you felt the wakings of cats all over. "Tis is where you belong, old fellow, now venture in, to find not where to bellow." You nodded solemnly, padding farther into the camp. You soon reached a point where highrock was descended from a cave, the black and russet pelt of a shecat visible from this angle. "You wish to join, don't you?" The shecat mewed. "Yes, yes I do."
~Running with the wind is boring, but running with you is everything I dream of~

~Foolish my words may be, but venture further into the cave and see~

~War is nothing but a bad act, the soft creation of nothing but pure havoc~

~Please, be my guest, I will treat you as a good friend!

~Bow down I will not, I am a free spirit, wandering the depths of the earth~

~Enslave me, for all I care, my Clan will hunt you down until I am with them again~

~Beg my pardon, I didn't understand, the words of war you speak are really quite bland~

General Information
~Breed~ Classic tabby with an all black pelt, further under he has gray markings of his father

~Age~ Currently 20 moons

~Description~ All black pelt with a paw stained white, eyes of yellow and red, tail of height

~Parents-Kin~ Mother~Kumi-Father~Akira

~Likes~Haru from BearClan

~Warrior of BearClan, wants to one day be Co Dep, Elite, or Deputy~