Dress Code Edit

Head- Skull helmet, Flower, Fox hat, or nothing

Neck- Spiked collar, Leaf necklace, Scarf, Pinecone necklace, or nothing

Legs- Elf bracelets, Leaf bracelets, Legendary glove, Glove, or nothing

Back- Sword, Elf armor, Spartan armor, Worn, Jamaaliday ow, Bow and Arrows, or nothing

Tail- Elf tail armor, Diamond Encrusted tail (other seasonal tails in the diamond shop), Raccoon tail, or nothing

(( No Magical Cats )) (( No Super Powers )) (( No Instant Healing )) Edit


Tag Color Edit



Wolf- Warrior, Queen, Elder, Medicine Cat, Deputy, and Leader

Fox- Apprentice

Bunny- Kit ( Apprentice if Nonmember )

Allies Edit

Territory Edit

Tigris - Kimbara Outback, Zios

Camp - warriorcats609's den

Extras Edit

Themesong- Sail ( Awolnation )