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Appearance: Pitch black Ligress with an ash grey chest spot and left eye spot, Long half-grey tail, and a black tuft going over her right eye. Eyes are a glowing yellow.

Siblings: None

Kits: None

Backstory: This Ligress named Grimdark usually wandered around the forest, stopping to sleep under a Sakura tree, hunt for a bluebird or jay, or spy in on other forest cats' conversations. She is sometimes caught chewing on a stick in boredom, or just laying in the sun to warm up her easily-cold body. When she met Hawkstar, a tiger and leader of EndlessClan, she was glad she was going to be a member of such a strong Clan. She now still sleeps under Sakura trees, but is now named Tero, or "Terror" in Japanese.

Species: Ligress

Theme song: Afraid by the Neighbourhood

Sexuality: Asexual


Appearance: A pale, pale grey shecat with black stripes, black paws, black ears, a black tail-tip, one strangely neon green left eye and one bright blue right eye, with the whites of the eyes being golden.

Leader of: OakClan ( not on AJ yet )

Backstory: Born as a kittypet, Jaystar ran away from her Twolegs after her Aunt Red lured her out. She then escaped the evil shecat's clutches and created Oakclan, where she made her friend Battlescar deputy. Her cousin Bluepool her second deputy, Battlescar's nephew, Blazepaw Battlescar's apprentice, and adopted three kits named Mothkit (Mothstorm), Badgerkit ( Badgerstripe ), and Crowkit ( Missing ).

Siblings: Ashcloud, Moonfish

Theme Song: The Five Giants

Species: Domesticated Cat

Sexuality: Homosexual


Appearance:'Dark red shecat with black tabby stripes and a light grey underbelly and tail-tip, white eyes.

Backstory: Born a kittypet, Red and her sisters Snow, Finch, and Daliah were all physically abused by their owners. They were never given any food at times, and were constantly beaten. This caused her sister Daliah to die from broken ribs and blood loss. After they ran away from their abusive Twolegs, life became hard. There was barely any food for the three kits. One day, Snow had gotten an idea. It was a gruesome, gorey idea. Flinch was the weakest of the litter, for she was the runt. Snow one day pounced onto her sister, and began to eat her flesh. She forced Red to eat her too.Red now lives a rouge's life in Twolegplace. She is known for brutally murdering kits and leaving them in her path.

Theme Song: Narcissistic Cannibal ( EarlyRise Cover )

Sexualities: Homosexual

Species: Domesticated Cat

Cherry and InkEdit

Appearances: Ink is a thickset grey shecat (with darker flecks) and a white underbelly, Cherry is a grey tom with 2 grey frontal paws, a short darker grey tail, and darker grey flecks and spots.

Backstories: Ink and Cherry were both born as kittypets, but were confused for the wrong genders when took in by a TwoLeg kit. Ink was put in a blue neck bow and collar with blue striped socks, while Cherry was dressed in a pink collar, a pink headbow, and a pink tutu on occasions. They both escaped and are now adventuring in the forests, occasionally running into other cats and being attacked. Cherry is currently being glamorous.

Theme songs: Ink: Metal Crusher Remix; Cherry: Death By Glamour Remix

Species: Domesticated Cat

Sexualities: Bisexual


Appearance: A pitch black shecat with unusually amber-blue-green eyes and a long scar on her right flank.

Backstory: Oyasumi was born a Clan Cat, but was kicked out as a warrior for being wrongly accused of murder. Oyasumi has had a curse from birth. She cannot EVER sleep soundly, and can have dreams of cats eating her flesh or something horrifyingly bloody. She is currently a loner, and is not much of a threat.

Theme song: Bo En- My Time

Species: Domesticated Cat, but is two fifths leopard and tiger.

Sexuality: Asexual

Ivypelt and RosestripeEdit

Appearances: Ivypelt is a ginger and white tabby shecat with greyish blue eyes, while Rosestripe is a dark ginger shecat with amber-green eyes and one white paw.

Backstory: Ivypelt and Rosestripe were born as Siamese twins, meaning they were attached at where their left paws. This made it hard to survive and defend themselves in their post-apocalyptic world of Warriors. They are currently roaming with a tortoiseshell shecat named Fox and a Russian Blue Tabby shecat named Blue.

Theme song: Evelyn Evelyn by Evelyn Evelyn

Breed: American Shorthair

Sexualities: Homosexual, Bisexual


Appearance: A tortoiseshell shecat with bright, blazing blue eyes.

Backstory: Fox grew up a loner, until she met her friend and mate, Blue. Blue was only a few moons older than the tortoiseshell, and Fox was almost old enough to be a full warrior. Fox fell in love with Blue after she ran away with her after the apocalyptic outbreak. They now travel together, hunting the robin's eggs out of their nests and sitting under the abandoned train stations.

Breed: Tortoiseshell

Theme song: Lost Boy by Ruth B

Sexuality: Homosexual


Appearance: A black shecat with dark grey stripes, and an ash grey belly and paws. She has bright, starry, blind blue eyes.

Backstory: The missing kit of Jaystar, this beautiful shecat wanders the forest, killing all who stand in her way of freedom. She has met many cats, dogs, and has even befriended a fox. As a kit, she was stolen away from her camp by three blind rogues, a black shecat with yellow eyes named Still Night, a golden tabby tom with a dark ginger tail named Swift Dawn, and a silvery grey tabby sheccat named Moon's Wish. Moon's Wish nursed and cared for Crowfrost, who Still Night had originally named Crow That Flies At Midnight, or Crow's Flight for short. When she was older, she wandered into the forest to befriend others. In the process of doing so, she found OakClan camp and was reunited after, but sadly, she died at 56 moons at the paws of battle between BirchClan and OakClan.

Theme song: Diary of Jane

Breed: Bombay

Sexuality: Homosexual


Appearance: A golden tabby shecat with neon green eyes and a long, soft tail. She also has a distinctive white stripe on her belly, like a scar.

Backstory: Born to rule after her father, this shecat rose to power almost a few days after she became a warrior, after she forced her father out of camp. She then made her twin brother, Mothfang, deputy. They're currently ruling, and revolution is on it's way.

Themesong: Daughter of Evil.

Sexuality: Bisexual


Appearance: A golden tabby tom with a distinctive white stripe across his belly, like his sister's, but wider. He has neon green eyes identical to his sister's.

Backstory: Mothfang knew when he was younger he was born to serve his twin sister. His sister knew, too. And so, he decided to accept duty as deputy at his sister's request. Theme song: Servant of Evil

Sexuality: 'Heterosexual


Appearance: Spider is quite the sight to see. She has 6 front legs, and 4 eyes, and 2 mouths. This is one of the reasons she was named "Spider." She is a tortoiseshell shecat with grey paws and a grey dash on her chest forehead.

Backstory: Spider was born a kittypet, but ran away after her neighbor's cats started to bully her, and bad. She was constantly hiding, or being beaten. She was taken into Red's Clan after she ran away, and settled in quickly. Red treated Spider like she was her only living kit left. You could say they were sort of mates. Spider has always had a love for spiders, and thinks of them as family.

Theme song: Muffet's Theme.

Sexuality: Homosexual


Appearance: White tom with cream colored paws, ears, and tailtip.

Backstory: Dandelionfeet wasn't exactly perfect. He had a disorder that made him twitch and shake uncontrollably. It was hard to train as an apprentice, since most of the apprentices picked on him and his shaking and twitching made it hard to hunt. Nobody really appreciated him, so, he attempted to kill himself. A Starclan cat, who's name was Burntface for their half burned pelt and face, told him to stop, and said he was watching him and that he felt the same as he did, and that he loved him alot. After that, DandelionFeet mainly went off to talk to Burntface, but never called the Starclan cat that.Instead, he named him Shadeflower, and that is what he called him from then on.

Theme song: Scars by Dandelion Hands.

Sexuality: Bisexual

== Bubblegum==

Appearance: Pale grey with darker grey spots and green eyes

Backstory: WIP

Theme Song: Bubblegum B### by Marina and The Diamonds

Species/Breed: Dog, Chihuahua


Appearance: A light brown and grey spotted shecat with a bobbed tail, and hypnotic yellow eyes that gleam with mischief.

Backstory: Born a rogue, she has been known to kill all in her path, leaving a bloody red trail. She has tricked toms with her alluring beauty, and has killed them all. She is dangerous. Watch out.

Theme song: Fox's Wedding [VOCALOID]

Sexuality: Asexual

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