Flame: A sweet, gentle, caring, and happy collie. She may seem like a pushover, but within anger, she becomes stubborn and fills with battle-hungry emotions. She often may ''run'' from problems, but within her eyes it's known more as wisdom and caring for her pack. Also she often takes pity upon young motherless or fatherless kits, cubs, or pups. She also may help old loners.

Current Status Edit

Pack: The Ruthless Beasts

Rank: Second leader

OC living: Yes

Username: Forest003

Family Tree Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Sibling(s): Eclipse

Mate: None

Kit(s), Pup(s), Or Cub(s): Maple and Soot

Birthing Place (Original Pack/Clan) Edit

She was born a rouge with only her brother at her side. She has known many dangerous situations, as her brother ready to fight head on, she more wise and thought more. She has hopped from clan to pack back to rogue again with her brother. She then found The Rebellion, and joined it for awhile until it sadly disbanded. She then joined The Resurrection (made with the offspring of The Rebellion) then quit to make her own pack with her brother and her friend, Frost. Now she is a proud leader of The Ruthless Beasts.