Only my paws know where my life will end up.


Name: Smokestar

Species: Cat (Felis Catus)


Smokestar in the game

Gender: Male

Clan/Pack/Tribe: MallowClan

Mate: None yet 

Father: Cinder - Formally Cindertail

Mother: Bluefeather

Siblings: None

Friends: Specklefoot, Flow, Tiger and Crimson, Branchstar, Crowstar and Zeph.

Age: 6 Years - 82 moons

Breed: American Curl

Theme Song: Forget it - Breaking Benjamin // Take me to church - Hoizer (Probably?)

Brief DescriptionEdit

Smokestar is a fluffy dark grey tom with bright yellow eyes, he is slightly deaf but can sort of hear at times for a little bit.

He gets very confused at times, but follows the rules and tries to be a good leader.

His colourful personality is what his Clanmates like about him the most, but doesn't show it during battle.

Sometimes during a battle when he is wearing a skull, it will hurt him a lot but he has to get used to it.

Some of the other leaders say that he shouldn't wear the skull because it frightens other cats, but to Smokestar he knows that its supposed to do that.