Winterpaw kindof, I could not find a great picture of her OC

Clan InfoEdit

Clan: None - Loner

Former clans/life: Rogue, Windclan

Name: Winter

Former Names: Winter, Winterkit, Winterpaw

Former Rank: Apprentice

Current rank: Loner

Age: 17 Moons

Former Mentor: Daxter

Apprentice: N/A

Appearance: She is very light grey with a darker grey underbelly and bright white splashes on her back and flanks. She has pale blue eyes and short tufty hair.

Winterpaw OC

Winterpaw's OC in game


Mother: Unknown

Father: Jaggedheart

Mate: None

Kits: N/A

Siblings: Frostsong, [F] Slash [M] [Rouge] Tabs [M] [KP]


Nephews: Crio, [Rouge] Harlu, [Rouge]






Winterpaw is cheeky, easy-going and all round up for a laugh. She is serious when the time arises but loves to have fun and competitions in training with her friends. She has a kind hearted spirit and will try to help as much as possible. She is very overprotective and will often be the first one to start fighting, whether it be other clans, disrespectful clanmates, or predators.


Winterpaw is a pale, morning grey pelt with a darker grey underbelly, paws and tail tip. She has splashes of white all over her and very pale, light blue eyes. She has a long jagged scar across her flank from when she had a fight with her father, and a very slight limp on her back left leg, its hardly noticeable when she walks and train, but if she strains it too much, it can get weak and hard to walk on. She has an unusably long, feathery tail, nonmatching with her short, bristly fur.