"Father,after all these moons of abuse, you know what I must do", I purred , my violet optics glaring at my father, Doom, with rage. He was sprawled out infront of me like a kit, why was he like this you may ask? Darkforest helped me. Doom turned his head to look at me, his left eye was clawed out while his right eye was swollen from me crushing him against a boulder. On my side was the strongest of all. Darkforest. "Viperstrike, do you wish me to bring wolves or dogs?" A matted Darkforest tom hissed to me, his eyes wide with burning hatred of what Doom has done to everyone of us. Doom slaughtered my closest friends just to cause me to go dark. My matted tom friend Bloodheart looked at me sadly, his eyes quickly turned to Doom and was once again covered in burning hatred and Bloodheart was clearly want vengeance. "Paitence, Echocall and get the wolves. Until then..... lets have some fun" I replied with a smirk, looking down at the battered body of what is my father. Bloodheart slashed his claws against Dooms spine, making my father cry out and lash his own claws blindly at us. "Echocall!" I called out, turning and seeing the misty blue gray shecat walking to me, followed by 7 wolves. "Figured we can make his life hell" Echocall purred, beckoning the wolves to us with a twitch of her tail. Echocall pointed her tail directly at Doom, who was looking at the wolves with sheer horror. I finally looked at the dogs, eyes blinking quite slow. "Kanji, attack his throat. Caru, ravage his haunches. Kiri and Vera attack his spine. Wift, Nashu, and Aru, ravage him anywhere else." I yowled to the wolves, who instantly followes command and brutally attacked my father slowly, taking time to let him die slowly. Doom cried out and slashed at the wolves, but went silent after as Caru, the smalled wolf, lunged at his thorax and tore it out completely, killing him on the spot. I grinned as Dooms blood splattered everywhere and on me. I opened my mouth, sliding my tounge across my chin to taste the blood, grinning. Bloodheart had done the same and was licking his chest clean, while Echocall let the blood stay on her. "I am greatful of Darkforst, and those who were killed by this enemy." I yowled to the darkened sky, then looked at my fathers torn both. No... WAS my father. I turned my head to the sky and let out a mencaing, mechanical laugh, which Echocall and Bloodheart joined in. The wolves howled to the sky as if joining us. I rested my head on Bloodhearts shoulder and my tail lingered on Echocall's spine, taking in the moment of pride of my dead friends. "Viperstike, dont worry, we will see you when your time has come and you shall be excepted to us not as a friend, but family" Echocall murmured, looking at my face which now had tears on it. Bloodheart pressed his tail under my eyes, taking the tears away and smiling sweetly. "We will see soon, dont worry." I smiled up at him, then at Echocall. Their bodies floated to the sky, their now misty frames barely visible against the pitchblack sky. I sighed, my shoulders dipping as I closed my eyes and let out a grief struck cry to the sky, then looked at the wolves. I looked down at what was my fathers body, kicking with with a paw before turning to the wolves once more, who sat obediently, waiting for a command. "Lets go home" I whispered to the wolves, padding away from the dead body and padded to the forest tree line towards the mountains with my wolf family flanking me, watching every thing and standing close to me protectively, waiting to save me at any moment.