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At a Glance Edit

"Look to the horizon, you will find much more than if you look to the ground for answers"

You may know her as shipqueen raven though c;

Name: Ravenstar

Status: Deceased

Description: Pitch black silky fur with mostly dark grey stomach and paws. bright emerald green eyes.

Age: 36 moons
Ravensong drawn by nightfall

Rank: Leader

Current Inhabitant: Starclan

Last inhabitant: ScarClan

Sex: She-cat

Sexuality: Bisexual


'These battle scars'

this fabulous song ^^^

Relationships : Edit

Mate: Whitestar [M]

Former Mate[s]: Spark [F]

Kits: Snarkypaw ( adopted )

Mother: Zodiac

Father: Legacy

Littermates: Bramblestorm, Crow, Horizon

Nieces: Cherrykit Winter, Heatherpaw

Nephews: Sage, Mudpaw, Hawkpaw

Grandmother: Tsuni & Koya

Grandfather: Fusion & Faru

Detailed Description:

Ravenstar is pitch black with a silky, longhaired coat and a mostly dark grey stomach and paws. She has three long scars down each shoulder from a bad fight with another clans leader. Ravenstar has bright emeraled green eyes and her left ear is torn and scarred by dogs. She has insignificant scars on her face and legs from small tussles and battles, and a long scar down the back of her neck when someone leaped on her from behind. her big scar, is the one running the length of her flank from a particularly violent battle against another clan. Apart from that, she has no other visual injuries, Ravenstar is quite a muscular cat, due to her being a rouge before she came to Scarclan, but her form is nimble and slim.

Lives Edit

1: Given from her Mother, Zodiac - The life of unconditional love

2: Given from her Father, Legacy - The life of Endurance and Never giving up

3 Given from her Sister, Horizon - The life of Protection and Loyalty

Ravenstar's Personality Edit

Ravenstar is usually easygoing but has been known to rage occasionally ( mostly at the dog that kept annoying us XD ) She is very caring and will try to help any cat who comes her way. She has a big soft spot for the kits of Scarclan and is often found playing chase or giving them bagder rides. She is serious when issues arise and will take charge of situations before they get out of control. She hates morning patrol but often cheers up once she gets to the mountains. ( her birth place)

Ravenstar's Backstory Edit

As a kitten, Raven was brought up in the mountains by her mother and father, Zodiac and Legacy. she had two brothers, Crow and Bramble, and a sister, Horizon. when still young, wolves attacked their small den in the caves of the snowy mountains. Horizon, playing with Bramble and Raven at the time outside in the snow saw the wolves to late, and when Bramble and Raven ran for cover, the wolves snatched her up and she was killed swiftly. their mother, Zodiac, enraged went out to fight the wolves even when Legacy tried to stop her, and was killed too.

Legacy, having loved his mate fiercely, lay down in the snow where her blood still lay and wouldn't get up. One day he didn't wake up. Scrawny and unable to hunt or fight very well, the strongest of the three littermates, Bramble had to make do with feeding his sister and brother with dead mice or rats frozen and weak from the cold.

At nearly 5 moons old, Crow disappeared in the middle of the night and Raven and Bramble never saw him until many moons later.

Bramble and Raven, surviving just, began to see patrols of young cats padding along the mountain side, occasionally hunting or, what looked like training. At six moons, their hunger and despair got the better of them and they plucked up the courage to greet a patrol. The group of cats had three young felines in. A long haired grey and white she cat, padding beside a slim brown and black she cat. And taking up the rear behind them, was a large black and grey Tom cat. They spotted the kits and they talked, exchanging back stories. The grey white she cat introduced herself as Featherstar, the young leader of the new clan, Scarclan. She then introduced Sparrowwing and Blackthunder, her deputy.

They took the kits to the camp where they took on names, Ravenpaw and Bramblepaw. They soon befriended the other apprentices and they live happily in Scarclan As Ravenstar and Bramblestorm.

Later on, Bramblestorm told Ravenstar he was joining a Rouge Pack known as the Pack of Forgotten Nightmares, to join his mate, Kasha. Ravenstar let him go and told Whitestar and Snarkypaw, Not wanting to upset the clan as they we already in a fragile state due to "things" happening at the time.

Likes and Dislikes Edit




The mountains

Ravenstar thing

Ravenstar thing



Dawn patrol



Being abandoned/rejected

Friends etc ( under construction ) Edit

credit to dewkit ( xxdewstonexx ) for the idea c:

Whitestar: mate/friend/trusts/goofbuddy/loves

-Whitestar is an amazing leader and makes me laugh all the time. Hes a pleasure to be in the company of and hes brilliant as a mate and friend. Hes one of the caring and grateful cats/humans ive ever met.

Snarkykit: friend/loves/trusts/shipbuddy

-Snarkykit is one of my best friends and its ridiculous how funny she can be. She is a great clanmate, and friend and i love her so much c: we create ships and accidently tell everyone in the comment section with big shipping comments, earning nicknames such as the ship queen and princess.

-Nightshade: Friend/loves/trusts/Repects

Nightshade is also one of the best clanmates I've known throughout many clans actually. She's compassionate and caring, and she's just lovely to be around. I respect her very much for everything she does for us.

-Sparrowwing: Loves/respects/friend/trusts

Me and Sparrow have known each other since, the start of Scarclan and she's one of the most Empathetic cats/humans I've ever met. She is always there to listen and look out for me, and the rest of Scarclan, no matter what. She's always up for a laugh, and I do respect her being so calm when things start to go wrong.

-Nightfall: Loves/trusts/respects/friend

Nightfall is a brilliant Clanmate and a hilarious and caring friend to me and others. I love her sence of friendship and humility. She is an allround amazing person/cat and i really enjoy being in her company.

-Dewkit: loves/trusts/friend/shipvictim

Dewkit is a gentle and sweet kitten that I have come to love and care for. She's playful and always up for a laugh. Shes often the victim of my shipping, but eh! its fun ):3

-Foxwing Loves/trust/respects/friend/shipvictim

Often putting up with many of my shippings for her, She is a sweet and easygoing character with a great sence of humor. I love Foxwing like family, She always been there for me and shes a great friend.