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Basic Edit

Name: Pandora

Age: ---- Moons

Rank: Loner

Clan: None

Pack: Currently Applying For The Rebellion

Tribe: None

Mentor: None

Trainee: None

Advanced Edit

Future Name(s): Unknown

Future Rank(s): Unknown

Future Clan(s): Unknown

Future Pack(s): Unknown

Future Tribe(s): Unknown

Past Name(s): Septima

Past Rank(s): Circus Performer

Past Clan(s): None

Past Pack(s): None

Past Tribe(s): None

Bloodlines & Relationships Edit


~ Pandora's Mother ~ Autumn ~

Bloodlines Edit

Mother: Autumn [Deceased]


~ Pandora's Father ~ Carou ~

Father: Carou [Deceased]

Sister(s): Jade [Deceased - Oldest], Lilly [Deceased - Youngest]


~ Pandora's Older Sister ~ Jade ~

Brother(s): None

Aunt(s): Unknown

Uncle(s): Unknown

Cousin(s): Unknown

Friend(s): None


~ Pandora's Younger Sister ~ Lilly~

Relationships Edit

Crush(es): None

Crusher(s): Unknown

Mate: None

Kit(s): None

Former Crush(s): Unknown

Former Crusher(s): None

Former Mate(s): None

Grown Cub(s): None

Appearance Edit


~ Pandora ~

Pelt: Your average looking snow leopard, just a bit smaller. With a normal white coat, here and there you

may find a creamy white/tan almost, giving her an almost unique look. Her spots rang from large to tiny among her body, and appear to dance when she moves.

Build: Pandora is a rather small snow leopard for her species, with a short sleek coat and smaller than average paws. Her frame under her pelt is muscular for her age and her pelt always seems to ripple when she moves effortlessly.

Eye Color: A sparkling crystal blue.

~Accessories~ Edit

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.12.08 PM

-Green Short Spike Collar

-White Leaf Leg Armor

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-Cubhood- Edit

Pandora was raised in captivity through the first few weeks of her life. She was forced to preform countless times and soon learned to do as she was told. Originally, the female's name was Septima, named by the people who kept her, owned her. Her parents never sought reason to rename her with their own choosing and she never quite understood why. *TBA*

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-Young Adulthod- Edit


-Adulthood- Edit