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 Basic Information Edit

Name: Lightningkit

Former Name: None

Rank: Unborn kit

Former Ranks: None

Gender: Tom

Sexuality: Bisexual - Aromantic

Group: WisteriaClan - Future

Former Groups: None

Age: Unborn

Species: Feline

Appearance: TBC

Clan Information Edit

Addressed as: Lightningkit

Current Rank: Unbornkit

Mentor(s): N/A

Apprentice(s): None

Leader: TBC

Deputy: TBC

AJ Username: Mrbrusselspot

Status: Dead/unborn

Active: Not yet

Family Edit

Mother: Opalesance

Father: Lightning [Former medicine cat apprentice of RushingClan]

Brothers: TBA

Sisters: TBA

Grandfather(s): TBA

Grandfather(s): TBA

Mate: N/A

Romantic interest: None

Kits: N/A

Appearance Edit









Personality Edit








Theme songs Edit

  1. - Skillet Hero
  2. - Run Devil Run


Kithood Edit


Apprenticeship Edit


Warriorship Edit


Statistics/Skills Edit

Credit to Mintleaf [xxQuailxx]

Technical Skill: Edit


Battle - 8/10

Hunting - 7/10

Swimming - 5/10

Tracking - 9/10

Stealth/Sneaking - 9/10

Climbing - 4/10

Physical Skill: Edit


Strength - 7/10

Speed - 9/10

Endurance - 7/10

Accuracy - 8/10

Physical Attributes: Edit


Bulk - 8/10

Weight - 7/10

Height - 8/10

Flexibility - 6/10

Balance - 7/10

Agility - 9/10

Reflexes - 10/10

Mental Skill: Edit


Leadership Ability - 8/10

Battle Tactics/Strategy - 9/10

Observation - 8/10

Intelligence - 8/10

Cunning - 9/10

Focus - 10/10

Mental Strength - 9/10

Social Ability - 4/10

Mentoring Ability - 7/10

Warrior Experience - 0/10

Motherly Instinct - 2/10

Hunting Attributes: Edit


River Prey - 5/10

Woodland Prey - 8/10

Flying Prey - 7/10

Marshland Prey - 4/10

Mountain Prey - 6/10

Likes/Dislikes/Fears Edit

Likes Edit

Secrets - Lightningkit is not very trustworthy and he hates to spill secrets, instead loving to have his own secrets all to himself, and also likes it when people trust him enough with their own, which doesn't happen very often. Despite being loyal and trustworthy, he is not well liked within the Clan because of his haughty attitide.

Sunshine - Ligtningkit has a pitch black coat and so loves the sun on his fur, although he gets very annoyed if there is too much heat and sun and will get in a huff, often retreating to a spot near the river and in the shade.

Herbs - He gets this strange liking for herbs from his father, and when other cats often spit out herbs or find them disgusting, he is quite happy to eat whatever herbs he is needed to and finds them to taste alright, if not some enjoyable.


Climbing - Lightningkit has a stubbed tail, and so his balance is off quite a lot and even though he has found ways to work around this, he hates climbing trees for fear his balance will slip and he could fall out of the tree, possibly injuring or killing himself in the process.

Prickly bushes and thorns -


Being weak -

Foxes -

Facts Edit

Lightningkit is actually a reincarnation of his dead father, Lightning, and looks exactly how his father looked. His mother, Opalesance wanted to name her first born son after her dead mate and so Lightning was named after his father, as well as being reincarnated as him.

Lightningkit's was formerly a medicine cat, and so this is where Lightningkit gets his strange liking for herbs, despite him wanting to become a warrior with all his heart.

Favourites Edit

--Credit to XxQuailxX--

Prey: Water voles

Time of day: Moonrise

Season: Winter/Leaf fall

Weather: Snowy

Activity: Training to be a better warrior

Cat: TBD

Self asset: His long, silky black coat

Colour: Dark green

Place: Near the river

Scent: Catmint or Fresh grass

Least Favourites Edit

Prey: Thrushes and Small birds

Time of day: Dawn

Season: Autmunn

Weather: Boiling sun

Activity: Cleaning out the elder's den

Cat: TBD

Self asset: Shortened tufty ears

Colour: Grey

Place: TBD

Scent: Badgers

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Gallery Edit

This Gallery will consist of, IRL pictures, drawlings and Roleplay of my lil Lightningboo