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Basic infoEdit

Current Name: Tourmaline

Featherstar OC

Last name: Featherstar

Current Rank: Rogue

Last rank: Leader

Current inhabitant: Starclan

Last inhabitants: Mountains, Scarclan,

Status: Deceased

Age: 80 moons at point of Death

Theme song: This little girl

Description: Snowy white she-cat with light grey stomach. splashes of darker ash grey on body and paws. She has a long scar across her flank from a fox fight and she has kind sapphire eyes and a long tail. she is long furred and her fur is soft and silky.

Personality: She is kind, caring and loves a laugh. She is very protective of her clan, friends and family. She can get angry when the clan fights or if other cats/ other animals threaten her clan/family. She is a natural leader and can take control of situations carefully and safely.


Mother: Pearlfeather

Father: Aryl

Brothers: Storm

Sisters: Midnight

Daughter(s): Crescentmoon, Snarkypelt, Fox, Kashre, Amaxil

Son(s): Blaze, Blizzard, Night

First Litter: Snarkypelt

Second litter: Fox, blizzard, Blaze, Night

Third litter: Kashre, Amaxil, Zodiac, Crescentmoon, [Formerly Remali]

Grandchildren: Greystrike [M] & Hollyfeather [F] [Mother - Crescentmoon] Bramble,[M] Horizon, [F] {Deseased} Ravenstar [F] {Deseased}& Crow [M] [Mother - Zodiac] Mavo [M] & Aurorasong [F] [Father - Blaze]

Grandfathers: Thunderstar and Coal

Grandmothers: Quartz and Tawnyfeather

Mate: Rowantail [Made up for my first litter, and it stuck :P]

Nieces: icefeather, Bluefang, Leaftail

Nephews: Nightclaw,

Half Sisters: Ambershine,

Half Brothers: Jaggedheart

Half Nieces: Gingerpaw, Winterpaw

Half Nephews: Lightningpaw, Eaglepaw


Born into the mountains, From Aryl and Pearlfeather, An ex-Willowclanner Tourmaline had two siblings, called Storm and Midnight. She was a large kitten and easily started putting on muscle and her parents trained her to be a fighter. She was happy in the mountains, surrounded by family, nothing big happened to disrupt her peaceful life.

At the age of 9 Moons, Tourmaline's Father, Aryl, Died of Greencough. Their mother hated them and didn't want to leave her clan. She went back to Willowclan, telling tales of hardship and pain. Willowclan accepted her back in warmly and comforted her. The three kits were confused, But Tourmaline was furious at her mother abandoning them. She decided to make her own clan, Her siblings scorned her and left her alone. She wandered and searched for moons, trying to find cats to help her create a clan. None came for ages, until a young Dark grey tabby Tomcat came walking across the mountains. She perked her ears up and went to greet him. They talked, and decided to create a clan called Stormclan, Later changing the name to Scarclan.

Tourmaline became the leader of this clan, and the Tom, Blackthunder, became her deputy. Cats began to come across the land to seek out Scarclan, and they were gladly accepted by the cats. Tourmaline changed her name to Featherstar.

Later, Featherstar found out she was expecting kits, She had met a handsome tom, by the name of Rowantail. She was overjoyed and Gave birth to only one Shecat, Snarkykit. She watched her kit grow proudly into an apprentice, and then to a strong warrior, Snarkypelt.

Featherstar had begun now to think about her mother and family again. She was still angry at her mother, and at her two siblings for leaving her. Featherstar was a very dangerous cat, She was large, strong and very good at fighting. She began to have nightmares, about Midnight and Storm turning her back on her, about Pearlfeather abandoning her. She2 became angrier and started to 'go mad' She didn't trust anyone, hardly her own mate, deputy or kit. She stayed in her den more, didn't go out on patrols, and hardly went into the clearing of the camp. Blackthunders influence grew as Featherstar brooded in her den.

Blackthunder, Snarkypelt and Venomshade went out to fight a badger that had killed one of the Scarclan kits. Blackthunder suffered wounds of an extreme scale and Snarkypelt was killed by the badger. Venomshade had long wounds down her flank and didn't live through the night.

Blackthunder died a quarter moon later, succumbing to his wounds. Featherstar appointed Whitesplash as deputy and, filled with rage, went out to fight the badger, despite the clans arguments. She swiftly Killed the badger, and its new-born badgerlings? (idek). She was shocked at what she did and returned to the clan, not letting anyone see her.

She called Rowantail and Whitesplash to her den and told them she was leaving. She told Whitesplash that he would be leader. She told him to tell the clan she was dead, Killed by the badger. Whitesplash took the position nobly, and announced to the clan She was dead. The clan mourned her, but was unable to find her body. Rowantail told the clan he was leaving, he couldn't stay in this clan.

Rowantail and Featherstar lived in the mountains, changing their names to Rowan and Back to Tourmaline. She had two more litters of kits, that spread themselves on the moor, Into distant clans, some stayed with her and Rowan. Then she set about looking for Willowclan, Searching out her mother.

She found her mother and lured her out into the bushes. She fought her mother viciously, She was intending to let her go, Before she smelt the milk scent on her. She was filled with rage at the thought of her mother finding a new mate, and kits that she loved. Tourmaline killed her mother and sprinted away. She washed herself, cleaning the scent and blood of her pelt and claws. She then returned home to Rowan and the kits.

Wow this was really fun to write actually XD

Featherstar banta

Featherstar photo