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"It's not that I'm rude, I just dont want to listen to a person Who treats me as if I'm somehow lower than them"

Basic Information Edit

Name: Cherryflight


TheMerryCherryBerry ~Everyone

Chewwie ~ Petalfall, Mythpool and Friends

Former Names: Cherrykit, Cherrypaw

Rank: Warrior

Former Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Medicine Cat

Gender: She-cat/Female/She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Group: BearClan (Pending)

Former Groups: BearClan (Rosestar), SkyClan - Reborn (Thornstar)

Age: 27 Moons/2.3 years

Species: Feline

Appearance: Long and thick furred she-cat with a beautiful bright ginger coat and pale ginger tabby stripes running the length of her body, legs, with her whole stomach, chest and legs being the same sandy pale ginger. She has bright minty green eyes, and has small ears and a long tail.

Clan Information Edit

Addressed as: Cherryfligt

Current Rank: Warrior

Mentor(s): Brokenstride (Formerly)

Apprentice(s): Willowpaw (Formerly)

Leader: Sunstar/Daisy59139

Deputy: Voidscar

Co-deputy: Rushingwater

AJ Username: Mrbrusselspot

Roleplay: Traditional

Active?: Yesish

Family Edit

Mother: Kasha

Adoptive Mother: Dapplestream

Father: Bramblestorm

Adoptive Father: Coalfur

Brothers: N/A

Adoptive Sisters: Mythpool, Petalfall, Cloudkit, Falconkit

Aunts: Ravenstar of Scarclan [Deceased] Horizon [Deceased] Rosestar of Bearclan, Flinxai [Rouge]

Uncles: Whitestar of Scarclan, [Deceased] Crow [Rouge] Tigertooth of Bearclan

Grandfather(s): Unknown

Grandmother(s): Unknown

Mate: N/A

Romantic interest:N/A

Kits: N/A

Appearance Edit






 Cherryflight has nicks in her ears and tail from minor fights and skirmishes from living as a rouge. She also has a scar down her neck from a bad fight with a former clanmate.











Persona Edit


Theme songs  Edit

Link Name Artist Relevance
TBA P.I.M.P. TBA Just the sheer amount of sass she has.

History/Backstory Edit


Statistics/Skills Edit

Credit to Lilith [xxQuailxx]

Technical Skill:  Edit

These may change at anytime as Cherryflight grows.


Battle - 6/10

Hunting - 7/10

Swimming - 5/10

Tracking - 8/10

Stealth/Sneaking - 6/10

Climbing - 7/10

Physical Skill:  Edit


Strength - 7/10

Speed - 8/10

Endurance - 7/10

Accuracy - 6/10

Physical Attributes:  Edit


Bulk - 8/10

Weight - 8/10

Height - 7/10

Flexibility - 7/10

Balance -5/10

Agility - 8/10

Reflexes - 9/10

Mental Skill: Edit


Leadership Ability - 6/10

Battle Tactics/Strategy - 8/10

Observation - 8/10

Intelligence - 7/10

Cunning - 8/10

Focus - 7/10

Mental Strength - 10/10

Social Ability - 7/10

Mentoring Ability - 7/10

Warrior Experience - 6/10

Motherely Instinct - 8/10

Hunting Attributes:  Edit


River Prey - 6/10

Woodland Prey - 7/10

Flying Prey - 8/10

Marshland Prey - 4/10

Mountain Prey - 2/10

Likes/Dislikes/Fears  Edit

Likes Edit


Dislikes Edit


Fears Edit


Facts Edit

None Yet

Favourites  Edit

--Credit to XxQuailxX--

Prey: Water Vole

Time of day: Sunrise/Midday

Season: Greenleaf/Summer

Weather: Sunny/breeze

Activity: Exploring

Cat: Elmkit & Doekit

Self asset: Shadowy fur that melts into darkness

Colour: Silver

Place: In a patch or sunlight or at the river bank

Scent: Pine needles

Least Favourites  Edit

--Credit to XxQuailxX--

Prey: Most small birds

Time of day: Midnight

Season: Spring

Weather: Rain

Activity: Cleaning out dens

Cat: N/A

Self asset: Long, unstable legs

Colour: Purple

Place: The forest

Scent: Fire/Smoke

Friends  Edit

These are the character's opinions, not my own, so don't take offense or personally, its just the relationship between OCs, not me personally!

Name Username Wiki name Relationship Description Trust
Petalfall Anna631744 Nightybae Bestfriend, Loves, Sister, Trusts TBA 100%
Mythpool Filmcat Perfecticy Bestfriend, Loves, Sister, Trusts TBA 100%
Coalfur Sitka10013 xxCoalwasherexx Father, Bestfriend, Loves, Trusts TBA 100%
Dapplestream Meowpawz Meowpawz AJ Mother, Bestfriend, Loves, Trusts TBA 90%
Asterfall Sunnyrainstormsky TBA Bestfriend, Loves, Trusts TBA 90%
Doespeck Blurredimage Shippet Friend, Loves, Trusts TBA 60%
Sootmask Poetria Perfecticy Friend, Loves, Trusts TBA 60%

Updates/News  Edit

None Yet

Gallery Edit Edit

This Gallery will consist of, IRL pictures, drawlings and Roleplay of my lil Cherubi