"Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all."

Name: Zhanshi

Species: American Doberman Pinscher

Sex: Female

Group: N/A

Relations Edit

Mate: N/A

Mother: Deceased

Father: Deceased

Cousins: N/A

Nieces and Nephews: N/A

Siblings: Karimi

Pups: N/A

Friends: TBA

Appearance Edit

Zhanshi looks exactly what a doberman should look like, but with floppy ears and dark red eyes. One of her ears is mutilated at the tip, and she has a large, deep laceration on her left side. Her gargantuan framing is muscular. Zhanshi will not, and will never take orders from anyone. She has a valitive, riled mood, and hates to be bossed around. When someone tries to boss her around she instantly reacts belligerently to the certain canine or feline.

Fanart/Photos Edit