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You are padding through a forest clearing; uneasy and cautious. You have no clue where you are and it seems like days since you had the warm taste of fresh-kill in your mouth. You become very uneasy as day drifts to night, the sky dark, starless. Suddenly, you feel the burning into your pelt, that sensation you get when someone is watching you.. You turn to see a pair of glowing blue eyes hidden in the bushes. They slowly come closer, and you cane make out a head.. Body.. Legs.. Before you know it, a large brown tom is in front you. You look closer, under his long fur you see his bulging muscles. Your eyes fill with terror as he lets out a mrrow of laughter, it seems. " Think you can get 'round here without the rogues getting ya? Think twice, my friend." His words, icy, but his deep voice kept it balanced. You start to panic, it seems like the bushes are closing in. " Name's Zane. Now i'm giving you 'til moonhigh to leave." His blue eyes stare into your pelt as he says this, and then he leaves.

Basics Edit

Name: Zane

Nicknames: Zaney, Zanebb, Zane~Senpai

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Pack/Clan/Tribe: None

Rank: Rogue

Gender: Male

Voice: LucariousKlaw (a.k.a. Zane/Dante)

Age: 18 Moons- 1.6 Years

Birthdate: October 28

Username: Buddyrio

Sin: Pride/Rage

Appearance Edit

Height: 1.8 Feet

Pelt: Dark brown with a slightly lighter brown stripe on back, and lighter brown markings and chest spot.

Structure: Broad shoulders, masculine, tall

Flaws: None

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Zane is smart, strong, and a skilled fighter. Perfect combo, right? No. He is also unfriendly, sarcastic, and a tad bit evil. He wastes his spare time messing with other cats. Though he is friendly and fun with few, he won't hesitate to claw your pelt off.

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Likes Edit

Raven Meat

Messing with Kittypets



Dislikes Edit


Clan Cats


Oddfurs (Twolegs)


Friends and Family Edit

Mate: None

Father: Unknown

Mother: Abi {Deceased}

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Dauntingstar {brocat}

Rust {thebookworm100}

Autumn {Jammer001836}

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Supreme Hustle- Ice Cube

Seven Nation Army- The White Stripes

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