"Forget your mistake, yet embrace the lesson that came with it." ~Yurei

Yurei Edit


Yurei as she is to appear in real life. Not an exact example

OC no longer in use. See OC: Akili

Name: Yurei

Species: Felis Catus

Breed: Bombay Mix

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 35 moons (about 3 years)

Group: MossClan

Position: Deputy

Theme Song: Memories That You Call - Odesza

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Yurei as she appears in Animal Jam

Family: Edit

Mother: Frostheart {deceased}

Father: Nightrunner {deceased}

Aunts: Littlestrike {deceased}

Uncles: Kerise {deceased}

Cousins: None

Nieces: None

Nephews: None

Siblings: Kourei (Galaxies7), Yalli {deceased}, Meti {deceased}, Callipsi {deceased}

Mate: Shadowstar (tinyturtlelove5) {ex}

Offspring: Rainkit (makitameg), Minnowkit (7199jf)

Appearance: Edit

Yurei is a medium sized, Bombay Mix she-cat. She has a grey base coat with lighter and darker grey stripes/swirls/etc., along with a white underbelly. Her eyes are a deep Fern Green, with a tear in her right ear and scars on her shoulder from past kit hood tragedies.


Yurei's Coat and Appearance

Herby Yurei

Drawn by Kazuresenpai

Personality: Edit

Traits: Edit

  • optimistic
  • flirty
  • enthusiastic
  • loyal
  • empathetic
  • honest
  • wise/old soul

Strengths: Edit

Yurei is very intelligent and wise, leaving her with a strong intuition. She has strong levels of clairvoyance, and her empathy allows her to understand others. She can be silly and flirty, yet official when asked of her. Yurei would have always remained loyal to Skyclan, seeing that Branchstar and the clan gave her a second chance at life. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her role as Deputy in MossClan, and strives to do her best for her clan. Physically, Yurei excells at swimming and healing, as well as leadership and agility.

Weaknesses: Edit

Yurei can be too trusting of other cats, as well as push herself past her limits. She will often over exert herself when healing, forgetting about her own injuries. Yurei can also be rebellious at times, when it comes to her authorities. She will playfully push and test the boundaries, and sometimes break them. But, not everything is fun and games with Yurei. She is known to have high levels of stress and anxiety, leading to her common nightmares if she sleeps alone. Physically, Yurei is bad at climbing trees, and has trouble with brute force.


History: Edit

After her parents were killed by their own clan, Yurei (then Rainkit) escaped from the clan with her siblings. They lived on their own for 5 months; changing their names to rogue names, learning how to hunt and fight, etc., until a badger attacked and killed all of her siblings, except for Kourei. Yurei and Kourei were on their own for some time, until the two were taken in by a rogue pack; which housed their uncle. The rogue pack turned on Yurei and Kourei, and Yurei barely made it out alive, while Kourei was kept prisoner. Yurei was labeled insane and/or crazy, until she was found by Branchstar of SkyClan. After the fall of Skyclan, Yurei joined MossClan as deputy; a clan formed off of the old SkyClan members.

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