The Start Of A Unwelcoming Beginning Edit

Feeling your damp paws agenst the ground, shivering to the once light forest, to a darkened, bloody path. Hearing twoleg kits running around and screaming made your ears seem to be broken. Soon you fall into the heart of a battle, with dogs and felines, cats taller then canines around them had stern, scarred looks and soon you were pinned. Looking up to see a dark fured, unknown gender, stalwart, large, and scarred feline having its paw set on your chest. You look down to see claws thick as a tree almost, the slick pelt of the feline brought you to stare into its eyes, seeing a sign of death within its obtics. You struggled, but you were paralyzed. It kept its paw on your chest, staring deeply into your eyes, soon letting its claws set into your chest. The moon rose, your pelt soon gleaming with blood. No feline in site, only the boned canines you saw battling. A canine limped out from behind a rock. You stared, fear peircing your skin. " Move a pawstep and I kill you. " It growled. A blurr ran past you, soon, the canine was dead. The stare revied into your eyes. " Who are you?" It soon mewed. " I don't wanna cause trouble... I.. I.. " You struggle to say the correct words. The feline laughed. " I am Xlo, a member of Shadeclan, led by Soul. " It mewed. You thought it was a male, but soon seeing the features you figure its a female. It seemed firmiliar, the paws, the scars, the dark pelt. It was the feline that held you down. You limped after Xlo. " Keep up if you can." She mewed. Your limp started into a run. You passed waterfalls, skinny, and thick trees, and canines staring in horror. Soon it turned dark once more. " It was day a minuet ago, what happened?" You mew. " Well, where we live, we don't very much know when its night or day, we just assume." Soon, a large area filled with felines and canines appeared. A large, muscular, and dark male on a rock called, " Welcome back Xlo. " Soon, everyone greeted the large warrior. Her massive paws stopped. " Soul, this is ____, " Xlo mewed to the male. " I don't wanna hear anymore, " He jumped down swipping you, black soon covering your vision.

About Xlo Edit

Xlo had a hard past, her life wasn't as easy now. She was weak, fragile, and unable to really do anything. Until she met some cats which changed her life. She has no crush, she is a dark red, white, and black muscular and large femime feline with massive paws. Her mother is Hattix, and her father is Kyoko.

Xlo's Theme Song For Battles. Edit

Xlo has a theme song, Open Wounds, by Skillet. It calms her, makes her stronger, and when she is battling, its always on where she is. 

Skillet - Open Wounds (Lyrics)03:15

Skillet - Open Wounds (Lyrics)