''    " Trustworthy? No one is trustworthy! You don't know when they will turn their backs on you and                                       throw you away into nothing but lonelyness "                                              

Wolf banner by sfregiato-d3d8grdd

Name: Xeon

Species: Canis Dirus

Animal jam Username- Criimson

Gender- Male

Personality- Moody and seriouse

Age- 20 moons

Birth date- 4 June

Theme- The Animal i have become 

Current Pack/Clan/Tribe- None

Rank- Loner

                                           Contact XeonEdit

Wiki- xxscarlifeexx

Animal jam- Criimson


  • Xeon is a moody seriouse Canis Dirus due to this he won't take silly things as a joke.
  • He can be strict at times so it isn't easy to keep him happy.
  • He is a Short Temper wolf if you anger him he will not back away
  • Xeon Likes to keep problems to himself instead of sharring with others, when he comes with a plan he will stick to it unless with a positive chance why he should not use it.
  • He does like  snowy areas as it suits with his species.
  • Xeon does NOT Like it when people intrupt his lone time

'​                                            'StatusEdit

~ The One And Only ~ - Cryptic -

Speed: 35.5

Loyalty: 100%

Hunting skills 99.5%

Fighting 99.9%

Seriouse 99.9%

Friendship 89.5%

Flexible 50%

Leadership 50%

Knowledge of Herbs- 20%

                                          Family TreeEdit


Mother: Cedar { melina belina }

Farther: Unknown/ Deceased

Sister: Chika {kittyssoadorbs }

Brother: Unkown/Deceased

Siblings: Unknown

Grandmother: Unknown

Grandfarther: Unknown 

Mate: None

Pups: None


When Xeon was a pup he lived with his mother and sister sadly he did not know his farther, Xeon and his Sister Chika were very good friends they tackled each other and sometimes do play fights. But when he was 6 moons old Twolegs attacked, They took him away from his family into a " zoo " he was muscled to not bite he was whipped and treated badly This time he wanted his revenge. At 16 moons old He Broke the Muscle around his muzzle and attacked the humans he slaughtered alot and alot but when he was not looking someone shot him with a sleeping dart as he was transfered to another zoo.. Xeon had enough of these foolish twolegs when he woke up in his crate he could sence the forest tingling his nose thats when a keen plan came to him, he rocked the cage with his strength until it tumbled off. Luckily he survived and escaped, he ran further into the forest but what he realized is that he saw canines and other dogs following him, they asked who is he when he answered they obeyed him and asked him to help them. When he did he left them behind and carried on further into the forest, and thats the last we hear of him... He lives still he is known as the mist one blink he is gone....

  • This is what it is like to be muscled
  • The Dark side of Xeon
  • The Horrors of being in A Zoo

                                              Animal jam Dress codeEdit

Animal used- Arctic wolf

apprentice anima used: Fox               
  • Xeon as A Pup ( click photo to zoom in )
  • Xeon as a full grown adult

Pup animal used: Bunny

Head: Nothing

Neck: spiked colour

Back: Nothing

Legs: Black elf braceletes

Tail: Nothing

Eye colour: Amber

Under coat: Black

Top coat: Light grey

Pattern: Splotches Colour: Dark grey

Height: 4.9 ft

Length: 1.5 m

Weight: 50 or 70 kg

                                          Likes & DislikesEdit


  • Howling
  • Swimming
  • Fighting
  • Hunting
  • Spying
  • Aggressive things
  • Being with Fellow friends
  • His sister and Mother
  • Heights
  • Being alone sometimes
  • Being with others
  • Sparring


  • Kittypets
  • Annoying people
  • Drama
  • Randomly attacked
  • Hot areas
  • Random ppl who says " Ends "
  • Random people who wants to pick a fight " You wanna fight? "
  • Random drama " OMG THERE IS A FLOOD "
  • Being swarmed

Warnings Edit

  • If he feels swarmed he will give a loud growl which is a first warning of Personal space
  • When someone is asking him sooooooo many questions he will snarl and pin his ears back Meaning: I don't want to talk anymore, he likes using his feelings to express what he wants
  • When he gets bored he will walk away if someone follows he will lash his tail in a warning of go away.
  • If he Snarls raising his shoulders and ears pinned back this means that you offended him or you done something to provoke him to be angry.

                 Quotes Edit

" Death.... Death is the Most feared nightmare throughout animals... It Haunts their mind as they approach it closer and closer... "

3/30/16- When Xeon witnissed Death in a battle.

" Trust worthy? Everyone is not trustworthy! You never know when they will turn their backs on you and leave you behind.. "

3/30/16- Talking about Betrayal of a trusted friend

" I May look like a monster on the out side with these scars but deep inside is my soft side "

3/30/16- What he is inside.

" Don't attempt to even make me angry you don't want to see the monster do you hmm? "


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