OC: Wolfstar/wingEdit

"Even if your on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there" - Wolfstar

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments." - Wolfstar

Name: Wolfstar/Wolfwing

Username: Sparrowhood2275

Species: Felis Catus

Gender: She-cat

Clan/Pack/Tribe: NightClan 

Mate: None at the moment

Kits: None at the moment

Father: Stormrush of NightClan

Mother: Jaggedsky of Eagle/NightClan

Siblings: Brokensoul (tom long-lost) Whispersky (she-cat long-lost)

Friends: Stonestar, Swift, Owlfang, Tigerstorm, Duskriver, Spottedfire

Age: 30 moons (2.5 years old)

Theme Song(s): Hall of Fame by the Script, Superheroes by the Script

Appearance: Massive she-cat with a white pelt with black tabby markings and brown paws. Long scar along front right leg. Evergreen eyes. Has a distinct wolf head shaped marking on right shoulder (It's kinda like a brand on a horse). Long legged and muscular. Has unusually long claws that are very sharp.

Personality Traits: Stubborn, loyal, wise, fierce, honorable, noble, impulsive at times, protective of her Clan, loving. Stands up for her beliefs. Is very courageous and brave. Fears anything very little.


Wolfstar was born in EagleClan. However her mother, Jaggedsky, as soon as she was born, took her to NightClan to be raised there. Wolfstar still considers herself a true NightClan cat. She went back to EagleClan for a very short period of time. She had an apprentice in NightClan for about a moon before a dog killed her apprentice. Still a work in progress! :)