Former dwelling place

If it's a wish, then I strongly suggest for you to turn that mere longing into something called reality.

Current Name: Wispstar

Former Names: Wispkit, Wisppaw, Wisptail

Species: Felis Catus

Sex: She-cat

Age: 91 Moons

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Current Inhabitant: Starclan

Past Inhabitant(s): ScarClan


Themesong: You Will Be This Legend

Wispstar's Appearance Edit

A small, lithe tortoiseshell-and-tabby feline with unique, different-colored eyes of sea-foam green and golden amber. Midget-pawed and feathery-eared, she was long-legged with a short-haired pelt and long tail and failing eyesight in her right eye as she aged. Broad-shouldered despite her petite frame, thick paw pads enabled her to trek great lengths with ease. Her nose was a dark shade of russet, complimenting handsomely against her gradient muzzle and "freckles."

Wispstar's Personality Edit

Agreeable and amicable, Wispstar was sweet but firm, kind but unwavering, and trusting but not foolish.

Careful yet open-hearted and open-minded, she was quick to act in dire situations and stead-tempered during conversations. She encouraged arguments amongst her Clanmates, pleased when they were willing to call her out on her mistakes. Level-headed and bright-eyed, even her failing eyesight outshone other cats' compassion and empathy.

Although warm, however, she was extremely stubborn. Holding steadfast to what she believed to be true and right, she refused to allow others convince her otherwise. Her love for arguments contradicted this greatly.

Welcoming to outsiders, she was the epitome of politeness; with one suspicious pawstep, however, would mark the beginning moons to regain her trust.