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OC: WaxpeltEdit

Name: Waxpelt

Gender: Shecat

Description: A Sandy Coloured Cat With Dark Blue Eyes, White Mussle and paws

Personality: A Grumpy, Fiesty , flirty Shecat. But always sticks to the warrior code and is a amazing hunter and fighter!

Clan: None

Siblings: Jaggedtooth,- Tom FoxPelt- Shecat- Both deceased

Waxpelts History Edit

Waxkit Woke Up Too Find Her Sister Foxkit Lying beside her, She Purred and snuggled up to her side, Waxkit Loved Her Sister As She Was The One Who Always stuck up for her. She Opened a eye to see jaggedkit Running Over to her about to leap on her, But she quickly Opened Both her eyes and dodged letting him land on his stomach onto the ground " Ha Mousedung, " Jaggedkit Snarled as foxkit yawned waking up and slowly getting to her paws. She Opened both her eyes And Purred in amuesment at her brother on the ground, " Nice One Waxkit " Waxkits Eyes Shone In pride, She loved to get praised by her sister. she was Strongest out of all of the kits. A While After when Waxkit Was About 6 Moons Along with her siblings. Their Parents woke up to tell them they needed to search for a clan. That they were going to find a clan themselves to settle down into as elders. So Jagged, Fox, Wax, Set out on differ paths to search for a clan. Fox And Wax Went on with eachother. Jagged Went with his parents. A While after when wax went with fox they came across A clan Witheredclan. but soon after when they were made warriors foxpelt went missing.. Waxpelt became grumpy when people tried to talk to her. She became scared and sad so she ended up being fiesty. She Was always desprate for love like her sisters. Even Stronger sometimes! Thats how she got her flirty personality. She Then Left Secretly Witheredclan, And Lives as a rogue..

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