Hello. I am Vineleaf. Here is everything about me.


Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Mate: He likes Onyxfang, but he is not sure her feelings to him.


 A cat struggled to contain how much she hurt. A tom was trying his best to pull something out of the cat's stomach. Finally, a cream colored kit with brown spots was born. His hazel eyes were not opened yet.
 The kit struggled around. "A tom." The other tom said to the cat. The cat nodded briefly. "His name will be Vinekit, because of how much he struggles like a kit." The cat told the tom. Vinekit got free of the cat's grip and ran off out of sight.

 Moons later, Vinekit was 10 moons old. His paws ached from looking at all of the herbs in this area. Vinekit had been renamed Vinepaw. The Clan he recently passed on his travels gave him this name, telling him that every kit older than 6 moons and under 12 moons shall have 'paw' after their name if they are to be in their camp. 
 Vinepaw regretted not joining the Clan he had just passed. More than ever did he wish he was in a territory with at least 1 other cat. Then, all of a sudden, he saw a figure. A cream colored figure. Its shadow brushed past the bush he was standing by. He followed this shadow into a camp.
 "Uh, hi.." Vinepaw meowed to the figure. The figure looked behind. "Im Brookstar. Are you looking for a Clan?" The she-cat meowed. "How did you know?" Vinepaw meowed questioningly. "Looking at you. Your dirty, bloody, and you have herbs on your paws. Obviously, your looking for a medicine cat apprentice spot. Which you are in luck, we need one." Brookstar meowed.
 Vinepaw's heart rose as  he nodded. Brookstar showed him to the medicine den. A beautiful she-cat was standing there, trying her best to figure out the herbs that were in front of her. She was trying to heal an injured paw.
 Vinepaw rushed ahead. He quickly applied some dock leaves. The apprentice looked relieved. "I'm Moonpaw, by the way." She smiled. She turned around, and sorted random herbs into random places. Vinepaw looked confused. He turned to Brookstar, She looked the same way. 
 "Uh, what are you sorting there.?" Vinepaw meowed. "None of your business!" Moonpaw snapped. Vinepaw turned to look at Brookstar, but she had left.