When you have a life, you encounter obstacles, when you encounter these obstacles they could be complex or simple. When you're dead you don't have to encounter pain or depression, when you're dead there's nothing to worry about. The way you die is what makes it count.

--General Information-- Edit

{ Name} // Valdis //

{Nickname} // Val //

{Gender} // Male //
  • Valdis, Drawn By XxMoonFeatherxX
  • Drawn By Your's Truly

{Age} // 37 Moons //

{Species} // Black Timber Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus) //

{Current Group} // N/A //

{Rank} // Loner //

{Best Friends} // Aqualina, Solstice, Whisper, Sanguinem Bandit //

{Mate} // Solstice //

{Theme} // Cult Of Personality-Living Colour //

{Status} // Inactive & Deceased //

--Appearance-- Edit

Valdis is an atramentous wolf with an atramentous pelt that makes midnight look brighter. He is dappled with calignous cinereal in what are in the shape of moons, and his eyes are a velocious vermilion. His fangs are unusually longer than normal and he has lines of scars below his left eye. He has patches of fur atop of his capitulum, traveling to the base of his neck. The male withholds a deep purple collar containing the dentals of the ones who dare besiege him, who he has ended afterwards.

--Personality-- Edit

Valdis is a cold-hearted wolf who is quite temperamental but can be easily worked with. Sometimes he goes out of his way to kill something but his friends hold him back. If he rages on his own kind, he faithfully regrets it afterwards unlike disappearing forever. The male is probably more insane than other wolves but he knows when to hold it back. If he does something wrong he always thinks of his flaws are always his strengths.

[Strengths] Edit

Loyal:: Valdis is loyal to his own kind and will do anything to help them.

Aggressive:: The male is a brutal fighter and will not back down, even if he is in large amounts of pain.

Appearance:: Valdis has a frightening appearance making others feared most of the time.

Brave:: The male is very brave as he can do almost anything without being afraid.))

[Flaws] Edit

Insanity:: Valdis can go out of his way just to see some blood which could end up hurting him in a way.

Temperamental:: The male has quite a temper and will rage easily if a problem is taken the wrong way.

Ashamed:: The male easily not be embarrassed, but when he is, he feels over the top ashamed and humiliated.

Annoyed:: Valdis can easily get annoyed especially by pups or even when people call him adorable.