It's being here now that's important. There's no past and there's no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can't relive it; we can hope for the future, but we don't know if there is one.

~George Harrison

Attention: This OC is inactive. I have transferred her personality/behavior to another OC of mine, because I think this OC will never be active again. For good measure, this page will remain. Edit

Basic Information Edit

Name: Usiku

Nickname(s): Ersikoo, Beb, Senpai, Usikubb, Usibro, Sock 'Em Suki

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Species: Canis Lupus Columbianus

Sex: Female

Age: 15 moons

Birth Date: October 11th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Group/Pack/Clan: None. Not looking for one.

Voice: Jessica Eye

Fear(s): Oblivion, History repeating itself, Not being good enough

Theme Song(s):

  • Jar Of Hearts, Christina Perri
  • Son, Sleeping At Last
  • Neptune, Sleeping At Last
  • Hurts Like Hell, Fleurie
  • Somebody To Die For, Hurts

Relations Edit

Format: Name {Relation/Status} [AJ user/AJCW user]

Mate: None. Not looking for one.

Former Mates: Dusk {Male/Alive} [RebelPerfection/Velocityy]


Nyota {Sister/Alive} [123woof/123woofAJ] || Trust rate: 100%

Sunaki {Half-Sister/Alive} [Etherealistic] || Trust rate: 100%

Kaguro {Half-Brother/Alive} [Jammer4803/RedMatt] || Trust rate: 70%

Xaal {Half-Brother/Alive} [XxSparrowfeather1xX/XxDappletailxX] || Trust rate: 89%

Finch {Half-Sister-In-Law/Alive} [Windeddreams/Serirroal] || Trust rate: 73%


Falcon {Nephew/Alive} [Classified/Sonorous] || Trust rate: 93%

Komorebi {Nephew/Alive} [Classified/Snarky Holophrasis] || Trust rate: 97%

Swift {Niece/Alive} [Ajtough12/?]

Offspring: None.


Stella {Female/Alive} [CanadianPancakez/StellazPancake] || Trust rate: 75%

Omen {Male/Alive} [Buddyrio/Arcadefire13] || Trust rate: 94%

Dementia {Female/Alive} [XxAwesomeTheWayxX/yummycheezburger] || Trust rate: 100%

Xui {Female/Alive} [Webkins927/Dinodare] || Trust rate: 100%

Ryka {Female/Alive} [Seal47723/Foodfoodandmorefood] || Trust rate: 92%

Andromeda {Female/Alive] [jellycake/PurdyBurdy] || Trust rate: 99%

Sage {Male/Alive} [angeles23/Heyitssage09] || Trust rate: 86%

Jumbled thoughts. Jagged memories. Jarred emotions.

~Sixwordssayitall, Tumblr

Physical Edit

Length: 5 feet, 8 inches

Weight: 95 - 100 lbs.

Pelt: Intense dark grey pelt with occasional pitch black/darker grey flecks.

Eyes: A river-ish, medium shade of blue.

Scars: Two thin marks on the right thigh, a shallow scratch along the muzzle, and a puncture scar on her front left forepaw.

Extra: Long legs, medium paws, large chest. She carries the scent of rain. A faint aroma of hyacinth clings to her frame as well.

Personality Edit

  • Brazen: Usiku is often proud of her doings and such, and doesn't regret anything she does. She sometimes lets it get the best of her, and can get somewhat cocky. She also puts bite behind her words and would most likely conquer anything that challenged her authority.
  • Emotionally Unstable: Despite showing anger, she really doesn't show any emotion very boldly (accept happiness). She's become very stale over the moons, and doesn't talk as often as she used to. Sometimes she's silent, and other times she's panicked. She prefers not to show her sadness, but she needs to let it out somehow, which is why she rants to her close friends or sisters often. Even then, she doesn't show the whole story.
  • Unforgiving/Distrusting: Usiku doesn't trust very easily, nor forgive. Trust is achieved over quality time and liking. If you have wronged her, she'll probably hold her grudge for a long time. To be forgiven.. Well, you probably won't do that, either.
  • Sensitive: Rather sensitive of her skills and authority than other, she becomes angry when someone questions her knowledge, skill, and administration. Insulting her is also a bad idea, as she won't struggle to attempt to inflict damage.
  • Caring/Loyal: Anyone close to her heart is under her close protection. She is vigorously kind to her friends, family, and loved ones, and it's 99.9% likely that she'd stay by their side the whole time.
  • Vengeful: Along with the distrusting/unforgiving, she doesn't hassle to reflect what others have done to her. It is most seemingly negative, and she uses different ways of revenge, some being humility, injuring, insults, and comebacks.
Expect something terrible coming your way if you disrespect my sisters.


Strengths & Flaws Edit


  • She can get a bit carried away, holding grudges for moons on end. Until she gets revenge, she'll most likely hold that grudge, unless you grow close. Super close.
  • Usiku is very touchy when it comes to her authority, judgement, and expertise. She knows she isn't the best, yet she prefers to stay off that topic, or she tends to lash out at one who shames it, or abuses/challenges her authority.
  • Her temper getting the best of her, she can sometimes explode with negative emotions. She tends to just leave the scene immediately and take her anger out on something.
  • She doesn't trust anyone too much anymore, and is usually alone.


  • Though it's difficult to gain her trust, once you do, it's most likely for a long period of time. She protects everyone who is dear to her, and doesn't hesitate to quell anything that challenges them in a hostile way. She sometimes lets this get the best of her, but she often doesn't mind it. Other than being loyal to her loved ones, she knows the feeling is mutual.
  • Usiku is a good fighter, and does well in battle, especially excelling when she learned how to inflict her rage onto her rivals.
  • Not hassling to try/do new things, this can be considered good and bad, though mostly positive. She enjoys attempting exotic ideas or things she has not done.

Likes & Dislikes Edit


  • Trying new things
  • Taking out her rage
  • Lizards
  • Examining stars/constellations
  • Grooming herself
  • Solitude / Small group of friends
  • Running


  • Howling
  • Large pools of water, like a lake or bog
  • Being disrespected
  • Not being trusted
  • Being crowded
  • Talking about the past

Art Edit

So I fake another smile, and blink away the tears. I'm supposed to be strong; I'm supposed to have no fears. But the tears just keep rolling, it's so hard not to drown. I'm such a strong person.. Why am I breaking down?

~M.B, via Tumblr