Name: United                                  

Gender: Male                                  

Clan/Pack/Tribe: Pack Of Aurora Borealis                                  

Mother: Sky  < Liger Golden Tiger Mix >                                  

Father: Shere-Khan   < Amur Tiger >                                  

Brother: Rokan < OC: Rokan, Amur Tiger mix >                                  

Mate: Journey < Jaguar, Bagheera's sister>                                  

Daughters: Basil < Golden Tiger > / Mia < Pure White Tiger >                                  

Sons: Spirit < Golden Tiger >                                    

- Back Story -                                  

When United and Rokan where very young, Rokan and his mother where taken to a Nature Preserve. When United was left alone with his Father, he was tought how to survive by himself. When United was 12 moons old, Shere-Khan had left his son one day to go hunting, but never returned. United stayed alone until adult hood. When he was fully-grown, he met: Jasper, Storm, Bagheera, Journey, and Bruno. Later on, he and Journey had become mates, and had been blessed with three trouble making cubs: Spirit, Basil, and Mia. They all now live in the Pack Of Aurora Borealis, his brother not to be seen...                                  
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Charlie Puth - One Call Away Official Video

Theme Song

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Left: Spirit, Middle: Mia, Right: Basil



Jaguar by alannahily-d34ju3t