"Call me soft, i'll warn you. Tease me, i'll fight you. Challenge me, i'll kill you." ~Toshi


Toshi in irl.

{ Introduction } Edit

Blood was spilled across the forest floor as you saw a lifeless wolf in the pool of it. You spotted another wolf drenched in blood, but it's amber eyes were gleaming with pride. In fear, you try to run away. But you only make it to shaded trees where its well-hidden. You observe the she-wolf.

{ General Info } Edit

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Toshi, about to howl.

Name: Toshi

Nicknames: Tosh, Tosha, Toshia,

Gender: Female

Age: 18 moons.

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Canis Lupus

Breed: Twilight Wolf

Group: N/A
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Toshi, howling.

Position: N/A

Past Inhabitants: N/A

Theme Song(s): (Located at the bottom of the page.)

{ Appearance } Edit

Toshi is a black twilight wolf with amber eyes. Her black fur is covered in the blood of those who challenged her, or whomever she wished to kill. One of her paws contains a large scar, And her tail leaves a blood trail where ever she goes, to show her cruelty. On her head, she wears the skull of her mother, whom had been killed by Toshi's father.


{ Relations } Edit

Father: ?    

Mother: ?

Sisters: Mulous (Theemulouscat)

Brothers: ?
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Mate: None

Pups: None

{ Background } Edit

Toshi was born in the Northern Mountains, she looked around and found her mother dead. The other pups had already ran off. But, as she was a curious pup, she wanted to know how her father killed her mother. Her father was impressed.  He trained her how to fight brutally and how to be a murderer for a long time. To show how tough and violent she was, Toshi killed her father. She then left the Northern Mountains to kill the innocent, and  the guilty.

{ Personality } Edit

Heartless: Toshi does not care about anyone other than herself, or her friends.

Murderous: She kills others for pleasure, or to make others shake and shiver in fear.

Confident: She knows that she won't fail, even if you try to bring her down.
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Demanding: Obey what she says, or you won't have fangs!

Evil: She doesn't want peace. She wants evil, and war and bloodshed and battles. Nothing can change her, or affect her wish.

{ Strengths and Imperfections } Edit


Toshi has a very high confidence level, always, and she kills whoever dares to challenge her. She has no fears. She can see into everyone's soul, and she has tough, and almighty brute strength. Nothing offends or hurts her.


Because of her murderous behavior and how she treats others, its hard for her to make friends. She also lashes out easily when judged, or pestered. She is also  very rude often.

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{ Likes and Dislikes } Edit


  • Toshi likes being alone alot.
  • Toshi likes killing other canines or felines.
  • Toshi enjoys being a savage.      


  • Toshi HATES cowards.
  • She also hates canines and felines that are peaceful.
  • She dislikes the smell of crowfood.

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Toshi in irl:                            


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Toshi in-game:

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{ Theme Song } Edit

Bad Blood - Creature Feature Lyrics03:26

Bad Blood - Creature Feature Lyrics