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Status: Inactive

Name: Torn ( Full name Tornado)

Sex: Male

Parents: father: Thunder mother: Snow

Mate: none

Breed: Eurasian Wolf

Pack: none

Appearance Edit

Torn is a large Eurasian Wolf with dark and light brown fur and black underbelly. His eyes are golden yellow. Also when his neck fur rises,you can see scar on his neck. He wears chain necklace, because when he was a pup,he was captured by twolegs,but managed to escape.

Personality Edit

Torn is known as silent,but loyal wolf. He obeys only his pack leader or those,who deserves his respect. He also is over-protective for those,who he loves and cares about. He usually shows himself friendly and calm,but is aggressive and shows no mercy if is provoked.

Back story Edit

The night was dark and windy,the full moon shined when Torn born in Echoing Howls pack. His mother was a white she-wolf,respected fighter and a caring mother. His father was a cruel killer,but wise deputy black wolf with a scar on his face.

As time passed Torn's father realised, that Torn was bigger and stronger than other pups and when he was 3 moons, Thunder started to train Torn to be a cruel killer. His mother disliked that and tried to teach Torn to respect life and kill only in necesarry. Torn decided to follow his fathers pawsteps and was respected by his packmates.

When Torn grew up a cruel war started between Echoing Howls and Silent Shadows. During one of the battles his father died,trying to save his mother. His mother survived until next battle,where she killed the strongest Silent Shadows fighter,but she died 'cause of deep injuries. Torn was broke and sad,but he still helped his leader. In the last battle Torn saved his leader from death and got his neck scar. After Torn healed,he left the pack and became a lone wolf.

Torn was alone during long moons,until one day he heard an argue between canines and feline. He joined the argue and supported Canines side. He was noticed by Canine,named Xenna and was invited to join The Hegemony Of Demoniac Hounds pack. He passed the testing and joined the pack.

Xenna and Torn spent lots of time together and Torn realized that he wants to be with Xenna for the rest of his life. He told Xenna how he felt and asked her to be his mate. She felt the same as him and agreed. He never felt happier about anything else.

Now Torn tries to build his leaders trust and prove his loyalty. His life never was better than now. He tries to be a great packmate and a caring and loving mate.

Torn decided to follow his leader and now is member of Society of Secluded Silhouettes.

After some long story Torn became a loner.