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Owner of Oc:

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Name: Tinypaw

Tiny- For her small size 

Past names: Tiny

Gender: Female 

Age: 6 moons 

Breed: Japanese Bobtail/Munchkin Cat Mix

SO (Sexuality): Straight/Demisexual

Clan: Crescentclan

Rank....... Apprentice 

Mentor....... N/A

Apprentice....... N/A

Brief Description... A tiny white based she-cat with black splotches (on her left eye, tail, three on her body (side (left), One on her right starting from the underbelly going up halfway on her right side and one stretched out across her spine), she has a bobbed tail and bright blue eyes.

Scars... None


◊ - - Tiny's body is petite, and there isn't much strength behind her small paws and short legs. Most of her visible bulk actually comes from her fur rather than muscle and it is the main reason for her sort of rounded features. As for her abilities: She is quite weak and slow, but she has been training herself to gain more strength, even though she has these bad features, she has high endurance making her little legs go for miles.

Fur... Tiny's fur is long and thick, making it so she barely gets cold. It is very soft, but when wet it becomes extremely heavy making it harder for her to swim.

Eyes... Her eyes are a bright blue, and can resemble to a blueberry color and is rather round in shape. 


Traits....... [ Kind ] [ Stubborn ] [ Trusting(?) ] [ Sensitive ] [ Unconfident ] [ Clumsy ]



Tiny's kindness can show quite often, though she does lack trust in guys (Explained in [ Trusting(?) ]) she will help them and can't stand when she sees others getting hurt, in her clan or not. She may not be able to put what she means into words very well, but she tries her best to make herself clear to others.


She gets very stubborn when she is told to due certain things and hates to be proven wrong causing some conflict but usually will get over it and give in quite quickly. Her being so stubborn, she tends to make mistakes quite often due to not listening to instructions if she finds them boring, so its important to at least include a bit of entertainment.


Due to her being abandoned by her father she lacks trust in guys, she DOES understand not all guys are the same because of her brothers caring for her so much, but she still cant- no DOESN'T WANT to trust them afraid of being hurt, but that doesn't mean she doesn't trust them all completely. She will always have a soft spot for them, but once again, due to her father -and also a ex crush- she won't trust a guy completely and even puts a front up to look closer into them before making her final decision, besides this she will trust almost anyone.


She has a soft heart that can be broken easily, you may want to be a bit careful of what you say, she tends to want to put herself in others shoes (or paws in this case) and feel there emotion in a case to actually help them in case they ever need help, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get hurt either, she is well.... as I said... WEAK, causing her to be emotionally weak if she puts so much trust in you, and she will stress herself out over it leaving her in a big mess of fur.


Tiny lacks confident and will often hesitate before doing things, yes, she is very crazy and outgoing but that is only a front she puts up, she actually makes it seem that way but usually falls under the pressure of trying to live up to an expectation which slowly eats away her confidence until she completely loses it.


Due to her small legs, she falls and slips into/onto things easily. Her lack of body strength also makes it so that she cant hang onto things quite easily but is working on it by climbing trees. Don't take her clumsiness to your advantage though, it usually saves her from things, this little fluff of fur can tumble around under your paws into a striking attack.


◇ Living | ◆ Deceased | ◈ Whereabouts Unknown

MOTHER ........ ◈ Raven

FATHER ....... ◈ Thunder

SIBLINGS ....... ◈ 1st (litter): Krystal (F), Lightning (M), Storm (M), Sky (F), 2nd (litter): Leaf (F), Autumn (F), Starling (F), River (F)

STATUS ....... Too Young!

ORIENTATION ....... Straight/Demisexual



She doesn't really mind as long as she knows that she likes them.


She doesn't really mind as long as she knows that she likes them. 

- why did I put this -.-' -


Prologue: Prior To Birth

Tiny's mother, Raven, was a mystery to all that knew of her existence. She was quiet, clumsy but had a nice heart which cats barely seemed to notice. Raven lived a normadic lifestyle, never staying in one town or forest to long, seeming to drift with the wind of freedom the world has brought her. When it came to her appearance, Raven was pure black- with long fur and short legs- her being a munchkin- and bright blueberry like eyes making her quite the toms eye, though, apparently one of them succeeded because she had two bright and healthy litters of kits in a course of two years, the first bunch consisting of two females and two males -seen in family-, the tom who she had chosen was a controlling brutal tom named Thunder for his bright yellow eyes, he was the Japanese bobtail of the two, him carrying the white and black splotch like pelt- he controlled and certainly abused Raven multiple times during both pregnancy's but made sure to not do to much damage at least.

She had the litter which brought Tiny into the world in a forest, her litter carrying five females and Tiny being the tiniest, not having anyone to really take care of them she settled in a forest with Thunder and her four other kits, who were almost old enough to leave them.

Chapter 01: Kit

1 moon

Tiny was named after her small size. Being new to the world, she stuck close to her favorite sibling Leaf, who watched after her and seemed to protect her from Thunder's abusive behavior towards them. Not having much social skill with anyone besides her siblings, Tiny had no experience of making friends making her somewhat quiet, but her curiosity still controlled her causing her to be an outgoing quiet kit.

2 moons

The kit was very abused but seems to have no scars from the incident- and the abuse was by no other than Thunder, Raven, being very scared of the tom couldn't do anything about it or she would be brutally punished, though she lost her sense of trusting she remained a very nice kit, refusing to be anything like the tom who she hated to call a father. This also affected her sense of confidence not being able to stand up to the tom, her sisters and brothers were also tortured by the tom if they disobeyed or preformed something wrong.

Of course her stubborness had to happen somewhere in her life or else she wouldn't be the Tiny we know right (not from books guys)? Tiny, though lacking a sense of strength had always dreamed of climbing the tallest oak tree of where they lived. Though being told several times to not even go near the tree, she did anyways, making her to grow a love of oak trees and to even yell at Thunder that if he ever tried to take away something she liked -referring to her family and the tree- that he would regret it, but seeing this as disobedience, Thunder lead the young one to a fox trap and trapped her in it as punishment, this affecting also her confidence in things she gave in to the tom, but this shows her stubborness is more than we can expect right? Raven finding out and finally getting the courage she chased off Thunder somehow and he never bothered them again, and wont again, hopefully.

4 moons

Tiny's world seemed to crumble every moon, her clumsiness caused by her small paws and legs prevented her from being able to fully hunt but she has figured out some ways to get through the life of hunting -teethies-. Her brothers, Storm and Lightning, and two of her sisters, Krystal and Sky had all left, this worried Tiny very much because she feared of having nothing left, in her world, Raven was seemingly to grow very ill as well and her remaining siblings seemed to have become very distant from her life. Leaf and Autumn growing very sick as well, she feared the worst. Tiny still tried to remain strong and help her remaining family.

6 moons

One day, everyone had left, no trace of even the slightest smell of them remained. Realizing it was over for her, Tiny laid there not knowing what to do- thinking over it a bit though- she refused to have been defeated right then and there. Gaining enough courage she left the once home she knew and seemed to have been traveling for days before coming to a particular place, forests seemed to surround the area and there was a waterfall, she quickly noticed the scent of cats as well before something actually appeared for her, a tom who seemed about her age. The tom's name was Fang, and at first she was quite hesitant of the tom but after the course of a few days she accepted him as a friend and even began to develop slight feelings towards him, to which though he never seemed to return and instead fell for another she-cat. Tiny did accept this because she wasn't able to control him, but this hurt her trust in guys yet once again.

Chapter 02: Apprentice 

.. In progress ..


I will draw one up and post it later, this will be what characters and thoughts Tinypaw has for those specific oc's.



+ Fantastic endurance 

+ Good with helping others 


- Little physical power

- Due to how heavy her fur gets when wet, she can't swim well


+ Autumn/Leaf-fall

+ The color blue

+ Having friends

+ Listening to stories


- Storms 

- Her father Thunder

- Crying in front of others

- Getting her fur wet because of her fear of drowning 

TIME ZONE ...... (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

METHODS ..... Animal Jam/Email (If I know you well enough/know you in person)

POST SIZE ..... I'm happy to match size with whoever i'm roleplaying with

RATING ..... Any [Minus any sexual content -.-] 



The sun sat at its highest peak in the clear sky washing its waves of heat over the small kittens pelt. Waves could be heard from the distant crashing into the shores like thunder, belonging to the Drifter Bay. The unfamiliar sounds and smells peaked her interest and pulled her into the direction from which it was coming from. Her nose wrinkled at the discomfort of the muddy water that oozed between her toes and made her way towards the shore as quickly as she could. How on earth will I get all of this mud off of me when I get out of here? 

She felt a wave of relief wash over her when she felt solid ground beneath her paws and her eyes widened in astonishment at what lay before her. Never before had she seen so much water. It appeared to be endless. The sunlight sparkled over the rough waters making it glow a lovely blue-green color. The breeze coming from the ocean carried a salty smell that she could never forget. From looking below at the sand she caught a glimpse of her muddy legs and was reminded that she would have to do something about this. Staying messy was not something that Polaris liked and much preferred to be clean. An answer for her problem lay in front of her nose, but she would need to be cautious and not let the water snatch her away. 

Carefully she lowered herself into a spot in the water that was calmer than the rest and rubbed her legs with her paws to get as much mud off of her as she could. After deeming herself clean enough she made her way back up onto the sand and walked along the bay. Her nose was now filled with the smell of salt that ended up blocking many scents around her. Pelt now prickling with unease from being wet and sandy she let out a sigh. Only the sun could help her now and this walk in the heat would hopefully do her pelt justice.

Anatomy/Vocabulary Example:

The fae's radaric zenithcals ethicaled, her atramenous and alabaster ante dictus vacillate transmorgify against the undergrowth. Tiny's bobbed emphenndage twitching, she gyrotated her captius dimintious maximus to look behind her. Her radaric zentihcals ople spotting a ecrueed volumtious veluntious squirrel. She crouched down, pinning her radaric zenithcals to her captius dmintious maximus, accredic her mitts move forward carefully. Opening her quadrotomandibular articulation she leaped into the air, outstretching her ante dictus which already had her eponychium scathers unsheathed. She was in luck as well, the ecrueed creature barely noticed her as she accidentally overleaped, landing ontop of the creature. Luckily, she had sunk her concave dentalism articulario into it's matpansarious hitting the embouchment to quickly kill it. Sanguine fluid seeped out of its neck as the five moon old kit shook her integumentary to get the dust off before ensconcing and enjoying her lucky meal.

You can roleplay with Tinypaw if you want, but if you do want to roleplay with Tinypaw please give a specific scene you want her to roleplay with you in!