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❀ About Me ❀Edit

Name: Timber

Pronounced: {Tim-bur}

Nicknames: Timba, Timberbb, Timberchan

Pack/Clan: (Past) Pack of Shadowed Paws

Rank: Beta

Age: 13 Moons (13 Months)

Lives: 1

Username: hoppergirlo123

Gender: Female

Birth Date: June 10

Sin: Envy

Likes :) Edit

All meh friends <3 (Especially Stella)

Fair roleplayers c:

Everyone in my Family and/or Pack

Roleplaing, I Absolutely love it <3

Dislikes :( Edit



People who complain about EVERYTHING

Drama Queens (Although I can be one at times)

Relationships (Family, Mates etc.) Edit

Mate: N/A

Former Mates: Sol [M/A] [ilovepanacakes4776]


Mother: Amber [Deceased]

Father: Samson [Alive] [Location Unknown]


Brother: Colson [Deceased]


Stella [F/A] [Canadianpancakez]

Iza [M/A] [Izax]

Chase [M/A] [shiv672]

(If your name isn't on here than feel free to add it)

🐾 Appearance 🐾 Edit

Height: 5 ft. (From Ground up)

Pelt: Timber is a light coffee, brown wolf, with a long Chocolate brown coat that covers some of her eye.

Eyes: She has deep, purple eyes and can see crystal clear.


Body Proportions: She doesn't look as strong as she is, being that she is younger and shorter than other wolves. Timber has a long, poofy tail that sways whenever she walks. Her ears are slightly curved and one paw of hers seems a bit larger than the others.

Scars: Timber has a large scar across her left foreleg. She also has a scar on her ear from when her brother was tackling her and accidentally cut her.

Voice Actor: Maika Monroe (Also known as Ringer from "The 5th Wave")

ღ Personality ღ Edit


Timber is very Sensitive. When people say even the slightest thing, She crumples like paper. Timber also gets mad or upset when her friends are hurt or argue. She likes to do things her way.


She is loyal to her pack no matter what. Timber does not consider herself a good leader, But she will always fight alongside her pack. Whenever she feels something is best for them, She does it.


Timber loves to joke around. When times are low she tries to make the other wolves laugh. Though Timber is a very serious wolf, She can be a real nut shell.


This certain shewolf is one of the most defensive. When her eyes meet and enemy, She goes in for the attack. Some wolves will try to stop her but she keeps fighting. When her pack meets a rivalry, Timber will do her best to keep her pack safe.

✡ Backstory ✡ Edit

Timber was born by a farm. There were cows, Chickens, And horses. But her favorite place on the farm was the field where the orange trees grew. Every day at noon she would go there with her brother Colson. They would pick oranges on the low branches and bring them back to their den. But one day when her Father Samson was out hunting and scouting the area, Timber, Colson, And her mother Amber where walking around the perimeter of the farm. They did this often but this time was different, This time a farmer was out working in the fields with the horses. One of the horses saw them it bolted. The farmer saw them and ran into the barn. I, Timber, hid behind my mother with my brother. Then the farmer raced out of the barn door with a hunting rifle. He pointed it at my mother as he mumbled something. At this moment we heard my dad howl as he ran towards us. The farmer shot his gun but the family was already running. They ran and ran until they reached the den, Timber whispered to her mom, "Mom, Are we going to die?.." Amber did not answer her daughter but instead looked up at Samsom with fear filling her eyes. Timber was brave but she knew she couldn't fight this battle. She looked to her brother who was beginning to cry. Her father got up and peeked his head out the opening of the den. All they could see next was Samson dropping to the ground. The farmer had shot him. Their mother got up and told us to run, "Run as fast as you can, I will be right behind you." Timber yowled and their mother yelled "Just go!" I took my brother by the paw and pulled him towards the forest. We heard another gunshot and everything went silent. "Mom..?" Colson whispered panting. We both cried and then I nudged him to keep running before or if the farmer caught up with us. That was when I was only 4 moons old, Now I am 13 moons old and me and my brother have parted ways. I lived my life without him until now.

Dun dun dunnn

Theme Songs c: Edit

Gasoline - Hasley

King - Lauren Aquilian

Timber - Pitbull ft.Kesha (I just had to X3)

Art :o Edit


Timber/ By: Thrill


Timber/ By: Blizzard

Timber/By: Me

Marks Left By Friends :3 Edit

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