"If life's an ocean, I'm in the deep end, swimming free from the fears that will drown me. Don't try to catch me if I jump in - and don't try to fix what's not broken."


«Name» Tayna (Tay Tay :3)

«Age» 31 moons

«Breed» Eurasian Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus)

«Gender» Female

«Occupation» A faithful Seeker of The Forgotten

«Brother» Marrok (OC:Marrok)

«Mate» None

«Offspring» None

«Friends» Marrok, Serenity, Heishi, Sanguinem, Xenna, Fog

«Spirit Dog» Fire Dog

«Sin» Rage

«Theme Song» Ring of fire by Krewella

«Accent» Russian

A P P E A R E N C EEdit

Tayna is a short, strong-bodied Eurasian Wolf. Her sepia topcoat is blended with various ecru-colored spots, her undercoat being a pure stygian black. Her eyes are a radiant, yet piercing yellow and she withholds an inky black collar elaborately decorated with teeth that dared to bite into it. Her claws are reinforced with acuminated Harper Eagle talons, crafted by the Shaman of The Forgotten - Quickfix.

P E R S O N A L I T YEdit

Tayna is normally secretive with everyone but Heishi and Marrok. She isn't known to talk very often with those who haven't befriended her. Though, when provoked he can become fiesty and spiteful. She is a murderous cannibal, commonly saying that in the wild, if you're going to survive you have to take what you can get- and learn to live with the blood on your paws if it means the survival of the pack. Despite this, she is loyal to her comrades and will sacrifice almost anything for them. And like everbody, she has fears - fears of loosing what she loves, or letting other wolves down.

B A C K S T O R YEdit