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"Life is short. Time is fast. No replay, no rewind. So enjoy every moment as it comes..."

Status: Inactive

Name: Talonclaw

Species: Norwegian forest Cat (Felis Catus)

Sex: Female

Group: Rogue

Relations Edit

Mate: N/A

Mother: Deceased

Father: Deceased

Siblings: N/A

Cousins: N/A

Nieces and Nephews:

Offspring: N/A

Friends: TBA

Description Edit

Talonclaw has a alabaster coat with ebony patches here and there throughout her coating. Talonclaw's eyes are a dark emerald looking green. She has a mutilated right ear, and a huge scar across her left eye Her left fore-paw , chest, inner ears, and muzzle are unusually dark grey.Talonclaw has a feisty temper and wont be pushed around by others. Dispite her temper, she loves to hunt to regain her strength and spar with others. Talonclaw can be a little flirty at points, but is very picky, and hard to get. She always refuses mate offers from toms, leaving them heart-broken, some though, want revenge.

Fanart/Photos Edit

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