Art made by Apofiss on DA
Affiliation Loner
Gender Female
Voice Type Adult Nala- Lion King
Breed Norweigian Forest Cat Mix
Siblings: Northernstar

"If I have no mercy, I'm no better than a savage rogue."

"No pain, no gain; Eat bitter, taste sweet; No sacrifice, no reward."

"A soft, calm voice speaks louder than a yell."
Swiftleap is very loyal. She is a peace-keeper, but will fight if needed.. In size, she is 20 pounds in weight, and 37 inches in length and 7 inches in width. She is a fluffy white cat with black splotches here and there, and her eyes are a luminescent yellow. Her whiskers and tail are very long. She has a smooth, deep voice that can calm many cats. She rarely raises her voice, and when she does, you done messed up. She is almost always calm and collected. She isn't fluffy, but is extremely large for the cats in her clan. Her story changes because I use this character everywhere. Please ask me for her current story, if you want to hear it.