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Physical Apperance Edit

Surisou is a cat who's coat varies in different shades of crimson and black. She is a big, Sunda Clouded Leopard, with ice cold eyes. She has American Lion claws, which were reinforcements. She also has a dog collar around her neck, which she got from being captured by a twoleg.

Past Edit

Surisou was born next to a log in a large clan. She and her mother got accepted because she looked like a cat,- which she was, but not a regular one. Then when she was about 2 Moons, She wandered past the clan's border and into another clan's territory. She scented different scents, but she thought it was cats from her clan she didn't know.And once she entered, she started sniffing cats she didn't know. Then, out of the blue, behind her was a large, white cat, and once she looked around she passed out. And when she woke up 2 hours later, she was extremely injured. But didn't die. She had a lot of issues then after that. Cats towered over her, wondering why she hat a unusually long tail, and a unnatural coat. Her left hind paw was nearly amputated, or slightly twisted. As she began to grow up, she was made fun of and insulted, and she began growing careless. She missed her mom dearly. At the age of 4 moons, she made it back to her clan. But there weren't as many cats as there were before. She only saw her mom, the leader, and 8 warriors. Surisou then was given a punishment to clean out elders pelt for running away. Once the exile's limitation had stopped, she began growing a hate to the leader. A few days after that she got taken away by a hawk. Her mother grabbed onto the hawks leg and pulled her down, but she had many injuries in her fur. After moons, Surisou grew brilliantly. She then later got a rogue pack attempt to attack her, but she killed half of them, which made the other half run away. Surisou became demonic and very rude, shady, and unfriendly towards other cats, even ones she hasn't met yet. She became very self-protective, and didn't care about anyone else. She was a rogue, a loner. And then she found a twoleg nest. She blinked at it in disgust and looked away. She then saw a shadow behind her. Again, she thought she was going to die. But she got trapped in a net and taken away to a shelter. She got put on a yellow dog collar as a symbol for being a kittypet. She disliked this collar very much. She then ran away, which got her in another issue, being lost. Then, came a moment when Surisou gave up. She wandered supremely far away, and eventually in another biome. She saw a cave, and entered it. She was very tired. So she layed down, and she heard a growl. Surisou immediately got up to her paws, and there was a mountain lion. She then saw a tiger, and then a battle went on for hours. She got knocked out, and she woke up with the mountain lion dead by her paws. The tiger vanished, and wasn't there anymore. That's when Surisou got her reinforcements. Her regular claws were reinforced with mountain lion claws soon after, and she ran away from the cave, knowing it was a claimed cave. 10 Moons later, Surisou became a member of Pack of Faded Memories.

Identity Edit

Name: Surisou

Mate: Kar

Kits: Moon


Current Clan/Pack/Tribe: Pack of Faded Memories

Rank: Anaxi (Warrior)

Friends: Kashra

Age: 20 Moons