There is no home. Even if you stay in one place, after life, in death, you will have a new home. Why not explore?

Names: Stratus Cloud, Cloud, Stratus, Antstar

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 20 moons

Beliefs: StarClan

Species: Cat

Breed: American Shorthair

Clan/Tribe/Pack: Loner

Disabilities: Lame back left leg.

Mate: An Unknown Loner

Kits: Nimbuskit and Lunarkit

Introduction Edit

Stratus, now known as Stratus Cloud, was born as a sickly kit. She was all alone, as soon as she opened her eyes. Stratus was a rebellious kit, and figured she would die, but she would die in the best way possible. She saw a fox one day, and ran towards it. I will die in glory! She had been thinking. A tomcat had leaped out and picked her up, and ran.

The toms name was Rock. He raised Stratus until she was about 10 moons, then left her, truly making her a loner.

In despair, she decided to get her mind off it, and climbed up a tall tree. Sitting on a branch that wouldn't hold her weight, it snapped and she landed on her left back leg.

She lay there for quite awhile, unconscious. It is said that Arcticberry, Medicine Cat of CrystalClan's kit Cloudkit had died and went to StarClan that day. The spirit of Cloudkit went into Stratus, helping her survive the ordeal. She had an urge to name herself Stratus Cloud after that as well. Her blue eyes changed to dark grey, the color of Cloudkit's. They already had the same looking pelt.

After that day, Stratus Cloud had a lame back left leg, but learned to cope. She had no problem making friends, and started not caring if they deserted her.

"I am a loner, and I understand if sometimes I must be alone."

She found herself drawn to CrystalClan, the spirit of Cloudkit wanting to see her family again. After becoming very friendly with CrystalClan, she traveled to the Moonstone, and received a great message from StarClan, and her unknown friend, Cloudkit. After that, Stratus Cloud became a great believer in StarClan.